Lilies at Fukaya Green Kingdom

There is such an obsession in Japan in spring to see the cherry blossoms, then the wisteria, the moss phlox, the azalea, the nemophila etc. Its all about one flower or bloom. But come May, its open garden season. And people turn their attention from the large displays of oneRead More →

Floral water basin at Kawagoe Hachimangu will still be there for the December 27th Kawagoe Farmer's market

Kawagoe Hachimangu is one of several shrines in Kawagoe with a long rich history. It is a “ichinomiya” meaning it was the first shrine of the Hachimangu sect in Kawagoe. (There are older shrines, such as Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, in Kawagoe). Kawagoe Hachimangu was founded in 1030 A.D. by MinamotoRead More →

Cover photo of voluptuous hydrangea along a ditch for a post about the Rakusato no Kai hydrangea in Okegawa, Saitama Prefecture

Information for the seasonal blooms and new Roadside Station at Rakusato no Kai, an off the beaten path spot in Okegawa. Sometimes it pays to get lost. I was attempting to go to one of the three safflower fields in Okegawa today. The safflower were nowhere in sight and IRead More →