Ageo Maruyama Park in Spring and cherry blossom festival

Ageo City have confirmed they will once again have their cherry blossom festival in 2023. They were one of the few that had it in 2022 too, after two years of being cancelled. The Ageo Cherry Blossom Festival is held in two different locations in the city… Ageo Cherry BlossomRead More →

Konosu dolls' festival

Information for, and an account of, visiting Japan’s largest Dolls festival display at the Konosu Surprising Dolls Festival or Konosu Bikkuri Hina Matsuri in Japanese. 鴻巣びっくりひな祭り。 Japan’s largest dolls festival pyramid display “Konosu Doll Pyramid” in Konosu, Saitama Prefecture, is just a 50 minute train ride from Ueno station inRead More →

Kawazuzakura at Kou Shrine Konosu with one of the legendary couple gingko trees behind a section of the red torii gate

Ko (Kou / Kō) Shrine, 鴻神社, is the principal shrine of Konosu City. The Kanji is 鴻, “otori”, which is from konotori, which means oriental stork. The shrine is home to the konotori legend from which Konosu city gets its name. Konosu is also written with the same kanji 鴻Read More →