Every year Tobu Zoo and amusement park puts on a fantastic night illumination show for the winter months. It is one of the better known, and larger, night illumination displays. In both 2020 and 2021, it was actually one of only a handful of places that had their winter illumination. However,Read More →

An "oni" demon scarecrow in the Fukuda Area of Kawagoe City, Saitama, Japan

The Fukuda area of Kawagoe is the main home of the Kawagoe Satoyama Initiative. As part of the initiative they have several seasonal events in the area. Most of which are free. I wrote about the Strawberry Candle and Lotus grass before, but I didn’t get around to writing (inRead More →

Moominvalley Night walk light up event 2022

The 2022 winter event at Moominvalley Park (in Metsa, Hanno, Saitama Prefecture) is called Moomin Valley Night Walk, “Illu-mori-no-oto” . The ‘illu’ is short for illumination, ‘mori’ means forest and ‘oto’ means sound. The ‘no’ marks possession, so in English it might be translated as the ‘sound of the illuminatedRead More →

The Otaki Ice festival, illuminated Misotsuchi Icicles in 2022 – One of the most famous, and beautiful, winter scenes of Saitama is at the Otaki Ice Festival. Located in the former Otaki village (now part of Chichibu city) in the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. The Misotsuchi Icicles are the only naturallyRead More →

Sun City Illumination Asaka Central Park illumination Honjo Illumination Night Illumination Seibu

Information for the annual Asaka Winter Light Terrace illumination. Asaka Illumination The “Asaka Winter Light Terrace” is centered around “Symbol Road” by Asaka Central Park and near Asaka City Library. In addition, there is also illumination at Asaka and Kita Asaka stations. Previously the illumination was within the Asaka CentralRead More →

Tokinosumika Milky Way summer night illumination in Shizuoka

Gotemba Kogen / Tokinosumika night illumination – Hikarinosumika We have been visiting the Tokinosumika resort annually for years. At first the illumination at the resort wasn’t that well known although its always been an elaborate display. In recent years, it has received the acclaim it deserves. Gotemba Illumination Tokinosumika (sometimesRead More →