Cocoon City Night Illumination

Cocoon City Illumination 2023 ~ 2024 – This year the theme of the annual night illumination at Cocoon City is “Brilliant Promise”. Once again, they are increasing the number of lights used to make it the biggest illumination to date at the excellent mall in the heart of Saitama City.Read More →

Seibuen Illumination winter 2023 - 2024

For years, the illumination display in Seibuen, an amusement park on the cusp of Tokyo, was Saitama’s largest illumination display. Furthermore, it was one of the largest in all of Kanto, aka the Greater Tokyo area. It came back last year, but for a shorter period than before the pandemicRead More →

Naked Inc Projective mapping and illumination event Naked Night Walk in Chichibu with a Night Illumination train

NAKED Night Walk and Night Illumination Train, Chichibu, Winter 2023. Renowned for their digital art, Naked Inc needs little introduction for those in Japan. In the winter of 2023, they are creating, as they say, “a new winter festival” in Chichibu, the festival district of Saitama Prefecture. Chichibu is madeRead More →

Misotsuchi icicles lit up at night, aka Otaki Ice Festival Ogano

The Otaki Ice festival, illuminated Misotsuchi Icicles in 2024 – One of the most famous, and beautiful, winter scenes of Saitama is at the Otaki Ice Festival. Located in the former Otaki village (now part of Chichibu city) in the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. The Misotsuchi Icicles are the only naturallyRead More →

Koshigaya Sun City Illumination

The Christmas tree and Winter Illumination at Koshigaya Sun City will be switched on Saturday November 11th 2023. For the switch on event they had a number of performances at Sun City including a gospel choir and ballet dance performance. Koshigaya Sun City Illumination Koshigaya Sun City is a shoppingRead More →