Iwatsuki floating dolls cancelled

Tentative information for the Floating dolls of Iwatsuki in 2021. A truly enchanting event of the Dolls festival is the floating dolls of Iwatsuki. The dolls festival is celebrated every year on the 3rd of March in homes where there are girls. People display their hina dolls leading up toRead More →

Hanami BBQ at Shinrin and Iwatsuki Castle Park Cherry Blossom festival

Iwatsuki Castle Park Cherry Blossom Season 2021 This post was historically about the cherry blossom festival in Iwatsuki park. However, like thousands of other places around Japan, Iwatsuki Castle Park will most likely not go ahead with their 2021 “sakura matsuri”. Saitama City has not yet confirmed either way. NormallyRead More →

Iwatsuki Dolls Festival 2020

Iwatsuki Dolls Festival – Iwatsuki is a very famous “Hina”, traditional Japanese doll, town often referred to as the “city of dolls”. Dolls have been made in Iwatsuki since the 17th century. The doll making of Iwatsuki was awarded the prestigious Traditional Craft Product designation by both the prefecture and the country. Iwatsuki Dolls Festival Until this yearRead More →

Iwatsuki Ningyo Museum

The Iwatsuki Ningyo Museum is opening on February 22nd 2020. Some really exciting news for Saitama city. A new dolls museum the “Iwatsuki Ningyo Museum” is opening next year, 2020. It makes perfect sense to have a ningyo museum in a town filled with doll manufacturing history and culture. AndRead More →