The Tanabata Festival (Star Festival) is held from August 4th to August 7th annually in Hikawa Shrine Kawagoe.  They have a Wind Chime event simultaneously. This year, 2020, on account of the Coronavirus they are not opening the religious services to the public, just priests, but they will have theRead More →

childrens sumo hachimangu kawagoe

Information for Kawagoe Hachimangu’s annual children’s sumo tournament. Unfortunately, but understandably, the 2020 competition was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. The next tournament will be held, hopefully, in June 2021. I will confirm the date closer to the time. 2019 Information The 12th annual children’s sumo tournament at Kawagoe’sRead More →

hatsumode saitama kitain hatsumode Japanese new year tradition

Kitain Hatsumode – Hatsumode is the first visit to, and homage at, a temple or shrine. It is a traditional New Year’s tradition. Kitain is a popular place for Hatsumode as the temple is known for family safety, traffic safety, personal safety and healing. The Kitain Hatsumode is from JanuaryRead More →

Kawagoe Festival

The 2020 Kawagoe festival is currently scheduled to go ahead – June 12th 2020. has been cancelled (August 8th 2020) due to the coronavirus outbreak. The next festival will be in Autumn 2021. Kawagoe Festival The annual Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage Kawagoe festival is one of the largest Autumn festivalsRead More →

Horo festival Kawagoe – a religious celebration and unique cultural event. This colourful, only in Japan, festival is held at Furuoya Hachiman Shrine in the Furuya area of Kawagoe. The Horo Festival is a Prefecture designated cultural intangible folk property. The festival starts at 1 pm with performances. Around 2Read More →

Starbucks Kanetsuki Street Kawagoe Japan

This is a long overdue post about the famous Starbucks on Kanetsuki Street in the old warehouse district of Kawagoe. The branch opened in March 2018 and most of the photos in this post are actually from back then! But it hasn’t changed much in the two years since itRead More →

Kawagoe summer festival, also known as the Kawagoe Million Lights Summer Festival is held at the end of July annually. However, in 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the festival will not go ahead.  Only 30 minutes from Tokyo, the historic town of Kawagoe is a popular place to experienceRead More →

autumn sunflowers Kawagoe

Summer Flowers AND Autumn sunflowers in the Isanuma area of Kawagoe. At Isa Marsh and the Isa marsh East Bank Flower Garden or Isanuma Tōgan Hanabatake in Japanese. Jump to Autumn Sunflowers. Isa Marsh Isanuma is an area in Kawagoe. Numa means marsh or swamp. The area is named afterRead More →

Wind chimes at Kawagoe HIkawa Shrine

Wind chimes at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine 2020. On June 21st the shrine announced that they had finally made a decision about their popular summer events. At that time, they decided to completely cancel the pinwheel event and to postpone the wind chimes event. However, on July 2nd they posted toRead More →

Floral water basin

Hachimangu is one of several shrines in Kawagoe with a long rich history. It is a “ichinomiya” meaning it was the first shrine of the Hachimangu sect in Kawagoe. (There are older shrines, such as Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, in Kawagoe). Kawagoe Hachimangu was founded in 1030 A.D. by Minamoto Yorinobu.Read More →