setsubun kitain temple

Setsubun Kitain Temple Kawagoe – Setsubun is celebrated annually on February 3rd. (Except in 2021 when it fell on February 2nd for the first time in 124 years!) You can celebrate at home and / or at a setsubun event. Of the setsubun events the mamemaki (bean throwing) ceremony atRead More →

The Tanabata Festival (Star Festival) is held from August 4th to August 7th annually in Hikawa Shrine Kawagoe.  They have a Wind Chime event simultaneously. This year, 2020, on account of the Coronavirus they are not opening the religious services to the public, just priests, but they will have theRead More →

childrens sumo hachimangu kawagoe

Information for Kawagoe Hachimangu’s annual children’s sumo tournament. Unfortunately, but understandably, the 2020 competition was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. The next tournament will be held, hopefully, in June 2021. I will confirm the date closer to the time. 2019 Information The 12th annual children’s sumo tournament at Kawagoe’sRead More →

Cherry Blossom Boat Ride, Night light up and river of pink petals at Shingashi River at the back of Hikawa Shrine February 18th 2021 – it was announced today that there will be no boat ride in 2021 on account of the Coronavirus. The Kawagoe Spring Festival has also beenRead More →

Oibukuro Bow Ceremony

The Oibukuro Bow Ceremony, also called Amasake Machi or Tofu Sashi is a Prefecture designated cultural property. There are three elements to this traditional festival, as indicated by each of the event names; archery, amazake and tofu! Oibukuro Bow Ceremony The ceremony used to be held on January 11th eachRead More →

10 cherry blossom spots Kawagoe from

10 places for cherry blossoms in Kawagoe in a Google Web Story. The image above this is actually a web story, unfortunately you need to be on a device (smart phone / tablet etc) to use it properly. It should still scroll automatically on a laptop, but it doesn’t goRead More →

hatsumode saitama kitain hatsumode Japanese new year tradition

Kitain Hatsumode – Hatsumode is the first visit to, and homage at, a temple or shrine. It is a traditional New Year’s tradition. Kitain is a popular place for Hatsumode as the temple is known for family safety, traffic safety, personal safety and healing. The Kitain Hatsumode is from JanuaryRead More →

Hydrangea at Kawagoe Hachimangu

On December 27th 2020 Kawagoe Farmer’s market will host a Kawagoe Smile Market. As part of the “smile market” there will be a ‘candle night’ at Kawagoe Hachimangu. The official hours for the farmer’s market are from noon to 6 pm, but there is currently no end time available forRead More →

Kawagoe Festival

When is the Kawagoe Festival? The Kawagoe Festival is held annually on the third Saturday and Sunday of October. This year, 2020, that is Saturday October 17th and Sunday October 18th. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak the festival has been cancelled this year. The 2020 Kawagoe festival is currentlyRead More →

Cosmos at Aina water park

Cosmos flowers at Aina Water Park, October in Saitama. Aina Water Park Aina water park is a riverside park used by locals in Kawagoe. It is along the Iruma river. For the most part, this stretch of the Iruma river is not suited to water play. However, there is another,Read More →