fireworks ageo omiya

Kawagoe City announced on January 30th 2020 that they will not hold the annual fireworks over safety concerns with the Olympics being on.   Kawagoe Fireworks 2019 were on August 17th 2019. The Kawagoe Fireworks alternate launch sites each year. They alternate between the embankment of the Iruma River inRead More →

2019 Wind chimes Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

An idea of what to see in Kawagoe and what to do in Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine in the summer. Wind chimes at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine an annual event that is a popular place to visit during summer in Saitama Prefecture.Read More →

Kawagoe WIth Kids

28 things to do in Kawagoe from a Kawagoe Local Guide. Ideas for what to do in Kawagoe and what to see in Kawagoe, Including the famous museums, playgrounds, festivals, activities, craft and Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine.Read More →

aloha cafe kapilina Kawagoe

Aloha Cafe Kapilina aka Aloha Kawagoe or Kapilina Kawagoe The blog title maybe Saitama With Kids, but as a parent every now and then we get to go out without the kids. I have my regular fixes, usually around holidays. And while Golden Week generally revolves around family time, noRead More →

Shingashi River collage March 21st 2019 today in Saitama Cherry blossom update

The Shingashi River cherry blossom boat event is the third most popular post on my blog of all time. In the last week it has had thousands upon thousands of views (thank you) and not just from within Japan. It is the most globally read post on the blog. WithRead More →

Cafe Terrace Lodge

I seem to be going to a lot of lodge / chalet type cafes lately. It is the draw of the natural wood, high ceilings, charm and atmosphere of these type of atypical architecture. Cafe Terrace Lodgi is in “urakawa”, the term used by locals for off the beaten pathsRead More →

Cafe Matilda exterior

Cafe Matilda is a pancake house in the tourist town of Kawagoe. The restaurant itself is outside the tourist area, but it is close to Hon-Kawagoe station making it a convenient place to pick up a bite before or after a tour of Kawagoe city. Currently, during the Coronavirus outbreak,Read More →

Kawagoe styrofoam art

Kawagoe Styrofoam Art – In 2015 I wrote a popular post about the styrofoam art displays by Yajima Kimio in Kawagoe. Mr Yajima has continued to make incredible art from styrofoam for the last four years. And I have discovered displays I hadn’t noticed back in 2015! This is anRead More →

Strawberry Selection Afternoon Tea Kawagoe Prince Hotel

From a quaint tea house in an idyllic setting in Tokyo, to the wanting tea room of the bleak Lobby Lounge in Kawagoe. Today’s post is ironically in stark contrast to yesterday’s. You would think that Tokyo would have the austere building and impersonal afternoon tea and that Kawagoes’ wouldRead More →

Kore ga kakigori kawagoe with kids Shaved ice

Kakigori is shaved ice. It is typically associated with festivals stalls or food vans at events. However, in recent years there has been an increase in cafes or restaurants that specialise in kakigori. Kore ga kakigori is one such place, a kakigori cafe just outside the tourist district of Kawagoe,Read More →