Kawajima rose festival rose tunnel wading river

Kawajima Rose Festival – Heisei No Mori Park in Kawajima Town is home to the longest rose tunnel in Japan. It isn’t a huge park, but it is very nice for children. There is a really fun playground and in the summer there is a nice wading river. https://www.instagram.com/p/BjARQI6gJgE/ TheRead More →

flower picking Kawajima

Seasonal flowers at the Shimoyatsubayashi flower field where flower picking is allowed and free Flower picking Unlike in my home country, you can’t pick flowers in Japan unless you have permission to do so. Not even flowers growing on the side of the road. Like Singapore, Japan also frowns onRead More →

Dolls display toyama memorial museum

The Hina Dolls Display event at Toyama Memorial Museum in Kawajima has been cancelled in 2021 on account of the State of Emergency. Toyama Memorial Museum is a heritage home and kura (Japanese edo period storehouse) transformed into a small museum. The facilities are designated cultural properties. Due to theRead More →

Houkou Ichijiku (Japanese fig) farm in Kawajima Town at Tobainuma Natural Park

Tobainuma Natural park is a small rural area in Kawajima Town. The Tobainuma Natural Park has an Ichijiku farm and a fishing park. Both very rural, so nothing fancy and limited services. Ichijiku is a type of Japanese fig. Kawajima Town is the largest producer of Ichijiku in Saitama Prefecture.Read More →

Kawajima illumination 2020

Kawajima Illumination 2020 The Kawajima Illumination used to be in Heisei no Mori Park. And it was absolutely stunning. Last year, 2019, they moved it to the town hall. And had a disco illumination indoors. To be perfectly honest, it was quite disappointing in comparison to previous years. And thisRead More →

Halloween drive-in theater Kawajima Ghostbusters

Halloween Drive-in Theater 2020. Its great to see small towns like Kawajima coming up with alternative ways to enjoy seasonal events in the face of the Coronavirus. Their 2020 Halloween event is very different to previous years, but sounds equally fun. Halloween Drive-in theater For 2020 they will have aRead More →

off the beaten path scenery in Saitama Prefecture

In this time with Covid, off the beaten path scenery is increasingly in demand. To that end introducing one of several spots in Kawajima Town, Saitama Prefecture, that are completely off the tourist trail. The embankment near Tenjin bashi (Tenjin Bridge) in Kawajima Town, attracts photographers in both Autumn andRead More →

Children's festival heisei no mori park Kawajima rose festival

The 2nd Kawajima Spring Festival has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus Outbreak. Heisei no Mori park, home to Japan’s longest rose tunnel, is having their second ever spring festival on May 17th. It is modeled on the town’s old children’s day event, with lots of things for children toRead More →

Honda Airport plane and nanohana canola flowers

Arakawa Tarouemon and Honda Airport ~ In the midst of Covid-19 there are few places that feel safe. Indoors is definitely off the table. And this past week we’ve learned that the numbers of people in parks and cherry blossom locations also pose a risk. Even if those type ofRead More →

Fishing with kids Kawajima town Saitama Japan

Fishing with kids – I’ll be perfectly honest; fishing is not my thing. But my kids love it. Normally my husband brings them, but I have been with them a couple of times. Including their last visit a couple of weeks ago. The kids were inched into a love ofRead More →