kikushidare Takao Sakura park

Takao Sakura Park is, as the name implies, a cherry blossom park in Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture. It is also a popular spot for watching the sunset. Perched on the hill overlooking the Arakawa river, you can see as far as Mt Fuji on a clear day. Between February andRead More →

kawazu zakura Ageo

A small but beautiful display of Kawazu zakura cherry blossoms in Ageo City Kawazu Zakura Ageo There are dozens of places to see kawazu zakura around the Kanto plain. But in Saitama as far as I know we don’t have that many large displays. The largest is possibly the 2.5Read More →

Kawazu Zakura in Kamakura Kaido Kitamoto

Once again it paid to get lost! On my way home from Adomani Cafe yesterday I took the wrong turn. Thankfully I had a rough idea of where I was and when I took another turn to get back on the right track I came across the some beautiful kawazuRead More →

kawazu zakura in sembagashi historical park in kawagoe city

Kawazu Zakura at Semba-gashi Historic Park, Kawagoe During the week I was searching online for Kawazu Zakura in Kawagoe. Its a search I’ve done several times over the last few years. In the past it has brought up the same old locations, that only have one or two trees. SuchRead More →

saitama kawazu zakura

Saitama’s best Kawazu zakura spot? Its funny, all these years I thought Saitama didn’t really have a particularly head turning kawazu zakura spot. And then last year, I realized that we do, its just not been marketed very well. I have dozens of books about Saitama – not one hasRead More →

early blooming cherry blossom yatsu no sato namegawa

Nature, hiking, flowers, Cats, horses, playground, “Health Road”, an honesty shop, seasonal events and a picking farm with a quaint cafe and antique store. All atop a hill in Yatsu no Sato, Namegawa Town. In September 2019 when visiting Hilltop farm and cafe I walked across the road to investigateRead More →

Hydrangea Okegawa

Seasonal blooms and Riverside hydrangea, Okegawa. Sometimes it pays to get lost. I was attempting to go to one of the three safflower fields in Okegawa today. The safflower where nowhere in sight and I thought that both I and Google had remembered the place incorrectly. So I opted toRead More →

Sumiyoshi Sakura No sato 2020

Sumiyoshi Sakura No Sato is a riverside embankment walk in Sakado City, Saitama, about an hour from Tokyo. Along the embankment there are early blooming cherry blossoms called Kawazuzakura. Sumiyoshi Sakura No Sato The 150 Kawazuzakura, a type of early blooming cherry blossom, at Sumiyoshi Sakura No Sato were plantedRead More →

Ageo Cherry Blossom Festival

Ageo Maruyama park is frequently listed in Saitama’s top 3 list of family parks. It is personally one of my favourites.  I love that although the park isn’t massive, there is so much to do and see that you can spend a full day there. I particularly like that they have swings that toddlersRead More →