Giving birth in Japan – Day 0 of a postpartum hospital stay with presents galore. Giving birth in Japan Day 0 is the day you give birth. Regardless of what time of the day you give birth, day 0 ends at midnight on that day. On day 0 the presentsRead More →

maternity hotel

Maternity stay diary Japan – “Day 4” was the fifth and final day of my postpartum hospital stay for a vaginal birth on baby #4 (as the day you give birth is day zero). On the day you get released the hospital treats you to a hairdo in the hair salon onRead More →

Day three of a five day hospital stay for a normal natural birth in Japan, the last full day (“birth”day is counted as day 0). The day of the facial and foot massage. Also, the last physical check-up for Mama, before being discharged from the hospital. Hospital Stay Japan I tookRead More →

Maternity hospital stay Japan – Day two brought more delicious food and even more amazing presents. It was also the day I got a professional massage in my room. Maternity hospital stay Japan Breakfast everyday is buffet style. They have a great selection of Western and Japanese breakfast foods. TheRead More →

Some photos of the food and the goodies on day one of a standard five-day stay (birth day is counted as day zero) in a Japanese maternity hotel… I mean hospital! Maternity Hotel! Below a photo of the breakfast, which was brought to my room the morning after I gaveRead More →

Keiai Hospital Ladies Clinic Lobby

Keiai Hospital, or as I like to call it Keiai Ladies Hotel, is a maternity and ladies clinic in Fujimi City in Saitama.  They also have a pharmacy, a paediatric clinic and a fertility centre** on the main premises and nearby they  have a dental clinic too.  It is a family run hospital, yetRead More →