Konosu dolls' festival

Konosu Dolls’ Festival . Tentative information for Japan’s largest pyramid dolls display at “the surprising dolls festival” in 2021. The Surprising Dolls’ festival with pyramid of traditional dolls, featuring Emperor, Empress and all the figures of the Imperial Court, as well as the ancient paraphernalia, is in Konosu, Saitama.  ItRead More →

Konosu fireworks image for blog post

Update April 2020. Normally at this time of the year the Konosu fireworks committee start to plan the annual Konosu fireworks. On April 18th they released a press statement to say they have not yet made a decision about the 2020 fireworks. They are very aware of the tumultuous situationRead More →

Konosu Poppy Fields

Kounosu Flower Festival – The poppy festival that is held annually in Konosu is quite well known, but they also have other flowers and flower events around the same time. Hence overall the festival is referred to as a flower festival, not just a poppy festival. Unfortunately, due to theRead More →

Railway Carriage Restaurant Mustard Seed Gyoda

Railway Carriage Restaurant Mustard Seed, Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture. I didn’t have an opinion on trains one way or another until I came to Japan. But, as happens to so many after spending sometime in Japan, I jumped on the train-loving-train and never got off! I have a fascination withRead More →

Cosmos Festival

Cosmos Festival in Konosu Today, October 8th 2019, Konosu city hall confirmed the dates of the 2019 Cosmos Festival in Konosu as Saturday October 26th and Sunday October 27th. Each year to mark the blooming of 12,000,000 cosmos in the Arawaka riverbed area of Konosu City there is a 2 dayRead More →

Cosmos Saitama

A selection of eight Cosmos fields in Saitama near both Tokyo and Gunma. Cosmos Saitama Eight places for seeing Cosmos in Saitama Prefecture, beside Tokyo, Gunma, Tochigi and Ibaraki. The largest two, in Konosu and Yoshimi, have greater detail. The other six provide a synopsis of the main information neededRead More →

Gallery Cafe Stork

Gallery Cafe Stork ~ a gallery cafe, artisan cafe, garden cafe, jazz cafe and cafe extraordinaire all rolled in to one in Konosu City, Saitama! All in a name! Gallery Cafe Stork is not just some random name. It was carefully thought of by the owner and master of thisRead More →

kounosu poppy festival Happy Poppy Square

Kounosu Poppy Festival is an annual event held in May in the Poppy Happy Square – Kōnosu City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. It is part of a larger Kounosu Flower festival with open gardens. The poppy festival usually occurs from the middle of May until the end of the month. ThisRead More →

Konosu Central Library

Konosu Central Library Konosu Central Library; library with a cafe. Konosu Library is a bright, colourful, comfortable and modern library. And it is the only library I know of that has a coffee shop in it. Okay so it is not quite a shop in the typical sense and moreRead More →

Play Center Konosu – Another day, another play area! We are on a seek and find quest for even more new (to us) play areas in Saitama. Call it a hobby, or an obsession, it keeps munchkin #4 highly entertained and keeps me on my toes. My overall impression ofRead More →