konosu summer festival

Konosu Summer Festival. A festival with more than a hundred years of history on one of Japan’s most famous trails – the Nakasendo. Twelve “mikoshi”, which are a palanquin or portable shrine, are carried 3 kilometers down a pedestrianized area near Konosu station. There is a children’s mikoshi event too. TheRead More →

Konosu fireworks image for blog post

In 2020, the organizers of the Konosu Fireworks announced that they were postponing the infamous Konosu Fireworks. They did not provide a date. However, they never did release a new date. Moreover, on June 23rd they made a further announcement that the fireworks are postponed indefinitely. The 2019 Konosu FireworksRead More →

Cosmos Festival

Cosmos grow on the Arakawa riverbed near “Cosmos Arena Fukiage” in Konosu annually in October. During the period of the bloom there is usually a two day cosmos festival. However, in 2020 the festival was cancelled due to the pandemic. It is too soon to tell what the situation isRead More →

Konosu Poppy Fields

Kounosu Flower Festival – The poppy festival that is held annually in Konosu is quite well known, but they also have other flowers and flower events around the same time. Hence overall the festival is referred to as a flower festival, not just a poppy festival. In 2020 on accountRead More →

yellow tulips konosu

The 2021 Tulip Festival at Hana no Oasis is on Saturday April 10th and Sunday April 11th from 9 am to 3 pm. The Hana no Oasis is supposedly the birth place of flower production in Konosu! Each year volunteers plant 40,000 tulips at Hana no Oasis in Konosu. TheRead More →

Motoara River Cherry Blossom Festival

The Motoara River Cherry Blossom festival in Fukiage is another of Saitama’s well known locations for hanami (cherry blossom festival). Especially with locals. The festival is also known as the Fukiage Cherry Blossom festival. The Motoara River in Fukiage may not be in the top 100 spots to view cherry blossoms,Read More →

Konosu dolls' festival

Konosu Dolls’ Festival . Japan’s largest pyramid dolls display at “the surprising dolls festival” will not be on show in 2021. It will go ahead on the dates it was initially scheduled for: February 19th to March 6th in Elumi Mall in Konosu. When the State of Emergency was extended,Read More →