Kuki Lantern Festival Tenno Festival

Kuki Tenno festival or Lantern Festival is held annually on two fixed dates. Regardless of the day of the week, the festival is held on July 12th and July 18th each year. The Tenno Festival is the biggest lantern festival in the Kanto region (area around Tokyo). It is oneRead More →

kuki renge festival

Renge Kuki City Renge is, from my understanding, a type of lotus flower that grows in the grass rather than a marsh. Kuki City is famous for its renge. It blooms from around the end of the first week of April until early May. It is a delicate purple flower.Read More →

saitama kawazu zakura

Saitama’s best Kawazu zakura spot? Its funny, all these years I thought Saitama didn’t really have a particularly head turning kawazu zakura spot. And then last year, I realized that we do, its just not been marketed very well. I have dozens of books about Saitama – not one hasRead More →

Satte Summer Festival

The main weekend of the Satte Summer Festival is usually the 2nd weekend in July. The 2020 event has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. At this moment in time, May 2020, the Satte Prefectural Government has not cancelled or announced changes to this event. Due to the currentRead More →

Kuki Lantern Festival Tenno Festival

Day 2 of the Kuki Lantern festival, or Kuki Chochin Festival, is held annually on July 18th. The first day is also on a fixed date: July 12th (click for information). It is the biggest lantern festival in the Kanto region (area around Tokyo). The featured image in preview thumbnailRead More →

blue festival lavendar iris

Blue Festival Kuki – It’s not missing an “s” and its nothing to do with music; the blue festival in Kuki is in celebration of blue (or blue-ish!) flowers that bloom at this time of year. It amalgamates two long running flower festivals – the Iris festival and the LavenderRead More →

Halloween Kawagoe and halloween events saitama and Halloween seibuen

Halloween Kuki The Halloween parade in Mallage Shobu shopping mall in Kuki requires pre-registration. And as it is a very popular event they tend to close the entry application soon after it opens as they reach maximum numbers very quickly. So if you would like to participate in the 2019Read More →

father christmas santa ario washinomiya

Santa Washinomiya Ario in Kuki City Washinomiya Ario in Kuki city have taken a different angle on the typical Santa meet and greet with this lively and unusual Santa Claus.  He will be visiting the mall on Saturday December 8th from 1 pm and again at 3 pm. Apart fromRead More →

Santa in Saitama Santa Okegawa Santa Tokorozawa Santa Toysrus Lalaport Fujimi

Santa Kuki – This year Toys-R-Us are an official partner of Santa Claus. You can meet and greet Santa in the Toysrus in Mallage Shobu Mall in Kuki on Saturday, December 8th, at five different time slots. He visits for 30 minutes at each time slot. This is a freeRead More →

easter event saitama easter okegawa

Easter Event Saitama – While it has become relatively easy to find Halloween events and Santa events are abundant, Easter events in Saitama are still seriously lacking. I personally believe it is the changing date annually that makes it difficult for event organizers to adopt this christian holiday, the wayRead More →