Regular Monday feature for the month of NABLOPOMO, introducing the manhole cover art of the Greater Tokyo area of Saitama and beyond. MT TAKAO, TOKYO Even at 599 metres there are manhole covers! I couldn’t find a coloured one, but the steel one is quite nice regardless. KAWAGOE Manhole MondayRead More →

Continuing the weekly Monday theme of manholes, with a few street pictures thrown in. This past week I was in Saitama, Tokyo and Kanagawa. In photos: SAITAMA Fujimi       Higashimatsuyama   TOKYO Nerima Chiyoda       Shibuya       KANAGAWA Yokohama         TuneRead More →

I am taking part in the NaBloPoMo challenge this month, which involves writing a blog post everyday. To help the process and also to add to the learning curve, I am trying out some regular blog features. Monday is Manhole day! Manholes are indeed one of those “Only in Japan” phenomenons,Read More →

Manhole Covers Saitama Japan Manhole Cover Art I used to think I was an observant person, until my cousin sent me an article about manhole covers in Japan. I was in Japan more than 10 years when she sent me the link about the ornate manhole covers here. My first instinctRead More →