Santa Metsa Village from the official website

Santa Metsa Village – Metsa village in Hanno will most likely have their very special guest back on the two year anniversary. Santa Claus – the real one from Lapland – will hopefully be coming to Metsa on November 9th 2020. He has visited on the 9th for the past twoRead More →

Metsa Fireworks

Forest and Lake and Fireworks – Metsa Fireworks 2020 in Metsa, Hanno, Saitama. The featured image is from the official Metsa website. Metsa Fireworks 2020 Forest and Lake and Fireworks Metsa is located by the Miyazawa lake which is one of Saitama’s scenic Autumn leaf viewing locations. We timed itRead More →

Metsä Miyazawa lake Hemulin's playground Moomin Valley Park Metsa Hanno Saitama

Hanno Green Carnival at Metsa – a music and culture festival with live performances, workshops, food and activities. In previous years this festival was held at Tove Jansson Akebono Children’s Forest formerly known as Moomin Valley. This is the first year its in the Finnish / Nordic living inspired Metsa.Read More →

Moominvalley Park Harvest

Moominvalley Park Harvest 2020 in Metsa, Hanno, Saitama. The featured image above is from the official Moomin Japan website.  Moominvalley Park Harvest 2020 From Umbrella Sky to Balloon Sky! The Umbrella sky at Metsa needs little introduction. Despite being only two years old and held in summer only, it enjoysRead More →

Metsa Village closed during Coronavirus Saitama

Metsä Village  – Metsa Village opened in Hanno City in Saitama Prefecture on November 9th 2018. Metsa Village is the free part of the larger “Metsa”, a Finnish leisure park around Miyazawa lake. The charged area is a Moomin theme park Moominvalley Park. The resort encompasses relaxation, activities, shopping andRead More →

Moominvalley Park Saitama Hanno

Moominvalley Park will reopen for business on Thursday June 4th. Moominvalley park is a Moomin themed park within a larger Nordic living themed park called Metsa. The village within Metsa is free to enter, but you pay into Moominvalley Park (information below). Attractions within the Moomin themed park that haveRead More →

Metsa Village closed during Coronavirus Saitama

Metsa Village reopens  – Metsa announced late on Thursday 21st of May that they will reopen part of Metsa Village, to residents of Saitama only, from 10 am Friday May 22nd. Saitama Prefecture is still under a state of emergency that runs until May 31st. Despite that Metsa is reopeningRead More →

Metsa Village Christmas

Metsa Village Christmas in 2019 ~ Until this year the  Cocoon City / Saitama Shintoshin area was the epitome of a quasi-“western” Christmas in Saitama. Having the largest Christmas market, Christmas events and Christmas tree, and one of the largest winter illumination displays, since Saitama started celebrating Christmas in aRead More →

Hemulin's playground Moomin Valley Park Metsa

Hemulen’s Playground at Moomin Valley Park. Moomin Valley Park is one of the two key areas of Metsa, a Finnish theme park in Hanno, Saitama. Moomin Valley Park has an entry fee, but it is a reasonable at 1,500 yen per person. The other area of the resort is MetsaRead More →

The Moomin Valley Diorama at Kokemus Exhibition space Metsa Hanno Saitama Saitama with kids

I’ve been itching to share our adventures at Moomin Valley Park. Yesterday was a precursor with information about the Umbrella Sky Project. Today, a teaser with information about just one attraction – the Kokemus Exhibition Facility. Moomin Valley Park (in Metsa) Moomin Valley Park is the part you pay intoRead More →