The Misato “Big Bon” dance festival is held annually on August 11th, a public holiday for mountain day. It takes place in Niodori Park in Misato City, near Misato Chuo Station on the Tsukuba Express line. The dance festival starts at 4 pm and ends around 8.30 pm. However, inRead More →

Misato Summer Festival Fireworks

The Misato Summer Festival is held annually in the second half of August. Usually on a Friday. There are fireworks at this festival too. They are the 7th most popular fireworks display in Saitama. Approximately 14000 fireworks are launched. Before the fireworks there is usually a show with some performances.Read More →

santa kazo laqua christmas laqua santa 2019 santa ikea Shinmisato

Santa Ikea Shinmisato – the Ikea at Shinmisato is on Santa Claus’ rounds again this year. He will visit four times in total from the end of November to early December. Santa Ikea Shinmisato dates Santa Claus will visit the branch in Shinmisato on: Saturday November 23rd, Sunday November 24th,Read More →

Misato Halloween events japan

Misato Halloween Fes The tentative date for the Misato Halloween Fes 2019 was set as October 12th in July 2019. But as it got closer to the date, they changed it to October 20th . The 2018 Misato Halloween Fes date was Saturday October 13th. The official Facebook page forRead More →

Ferry Crossing Festival

The 9th annual Misato Ferry Crossing Festival is on Saturday May 11th (weather permitting) from 10 am to 3 pm. It is held at Misato’s emergency wharf on the Edo River, beside Misato No Kaze Hiroba. The event will be cancelled if it is raining. Festival Line Up You canRead More →

Little planet

A new digital and creative play space for children, Little Planet, is opening in the Lalaport in Shinmisato on July 11th 2018. Little Planet or Litpla for short The Little Planet or Litpla play centers use virtual reality and mapping technology. The Lalaport Shinmisato official website refers to it asRead More →