Late-blooming cherry blossoms called yaezakura, in Moroyama town in the Iruma District of Saitama Prefecture

The late-blooming cherry blossoms are early this year. No surprises, given how early the Somei Yoshino (main) variety were. The term ‘yaezakura’ is used in Japanese as a collective term for several varieties of the beautiful fluffy late blooming cherry blossoms that have more than 5 petals. They are mostRead More →

strawberry picking at Barrier Free Ichigo no Sato Farm Moroyama

Information for the all year round strawberry cafe, Strawberry Garden, and the seasonal – famous barrier free sightseeing – strawberry picking farm, Ichigo no Sato, in Moroyama town, Saitama (near Tokyo) Japan. Ichigo no Sato is one of the most famous strawberry picking farms in the Kanto plain. Moreover, itRead More →