The Misato “Big Bon” dance festival is held annually on August 11th, a public holiday for mountain day. It takes place in Niodori Park in Misato City, near Misato Chuo Station on the Tsukuba Express line. The dance festival starts at 4 pm and ends around 8.30 pm. However, inRead More →

Menuma Festival Kumagaya

Menuma Festival Kumagaya City Saitama Japan 2021 – This child friendly festival is held at the Menuma Sports Park on the first Saturday of August annually. It attracts about 10,000 spectators. Menuma Festival On April 8th 2020 it was announced that the festival would be cancelled for 2020 on accountRead More →

Honjo Gion Festival – This festival occurs every year on the 2 days preceding “umi no hi”, an annual holiday in Japan. However, in 2020 the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. It attracts about 40,000 people. There are 70 stalls. One of the unusual features of this festival is the 雨乞獅子“rainRead More →


New Year Event Dezome Kumagaya – One of the many New Year traditions in Japan. This one involves a ceremony of firefighters with an entertaining show that they put on to entertain the audience and simultaneously raise safety awareness. Dezome Kumagaya Contrary to what one might expect, the event isRead More →

The Saitama Museum of Rivers have been celebrating Halloween in recent years. Last year they had a lovely Halloween program planned for the week leading up to Halloween, but typhoon Hagibis laid waste to their plans. This year they will celebrate on October 24th and 25th and again on theRead More →

Misato Summer Festival Fireworks

The Misato Summer Festival is held annually in the second half of August. Usually on a Friday. There are fireworks at this festival too. They are the 7th most popular fireworks display in Saitama. Approximately 14000 fireworks are launched. Before the fireworks there is usually a show with some performances.Read More →

Yorii Tamayodo Tengu Fireworks and Festival – spectacular setting of lantern floats with the magnificent backdrop of fireworks in this traditional festival that attracts about 70,000 people. There are about 5000 fireworks launched including the Niagara type and starmines.  You can buy festival type food and drinks as there areRead More →

Kumagaya Uchiwa festival

Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival, one of the Kanto (Greater Tokyo) area’s largest summer festivals, is held annually from July 20th – 22nd. Uchiwa means fan, as in a hand held fan used to cool down in the summer. Therefore, sometimes the festival is called Kumagaya Fan Festival in English. Last year, 2019,Read More →

Festival lanterns

This annual festival in Honjo occurs in the kodama area of Honjo City. It is usually on the same weekend as the Honjo Gion Festival. Unlike the Honjo Gion Festival, it is only for one day; in 2020 it should have been Sunday July 19th  from 11 am to 9.30Read More →

Fukaya Tanabata Festival Saitama

Fukaya Tanabata Festival – also known as the Fukaya Star Festival. The 2020 Fukaya Tanabata Festival was scheduled to take place from Friday July 10th until Sunday July 12th. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak the festival was cancelled.  About 200,000 spectators from Saitama, Tokyo and even further afield, descendRead More →