Kirakira festival and fireworks kamikawa town in the North of Saitama Prefecture

Kamikawa Town will have a Kirakira (Sparkling) Festival with fireworks in December. On the same night of the festival they will turn on the town’s Christmas lights for the 2023 season. Kamikawa Town is located in Northern Saitama. It is famous for a few different things, including a rare shrine,Read More →

Bamboo light exhibition Honjo

A beautiful bamboo light exhibition event starts in Honjo tonight, Wednesday November 22nd 2023. They have a bamboo light event like this each May too. Bamboo Light Exhibition The ‘BAM’ club of Waseda University organize these annual bamboo light exhibitions. They produced this November’s event with the cooperation of membersRead More →

Honjo Brick warehouse

The event is officially called “How to enjoy a Scandinavian Christmas”, but essentially this event is a Christmas market in the beautiful Honjo Brick Warehouse. Scandinavian Christmas Honjo Brick Warehouse is an event space in an old, renovated warehouse, much like a mini version of the famous redbrick warehouse inRead More →