Kawazuzakura at Kumagaya Sakura Undo Park

Information for the Early blooming “Kawazuzakura” Cherry Blossoms AND for the bi-annual Sasara Festivals at Kumagaya Sakura Undo (Sports / Exercise) Park as well as other events at the park. Bad news about the Kawazuzakura in Saitama Prefecture unfortunately. This year, although they only really starting blooming last week, theyRead More →

Strawberry Picking Chichibu

A selection of 10 Strawberry Picking farms in the Northern area of Saitama, including Chichibu, for the 2024 strawberry picking season. Strawberry Picking Chichibu and Northern Saitama Finally… for the first time in four years, it looks like most of the strawberry farms are going back to pre-pandemic hours inRead More →

Heritage Fireworks 2020

Information for the annual Heritage Resort Fireworks in Kumagaya City, on the border of Namegawa town. For the last four summers, due to the pandemic, there were very few firework displays in Japan. However, throughout that period Hotel Heritage was one of the few places that had fireworks. Moreover, inRead More →

Hoanji Temple Kumagaya

Hoanji is a 400 year old temple in Kumagaya City, Saitama. It is regarded locally as an hydrangea temple. However, it is not “thee” hydrangea temple: the most famous one is Nogoji. Nogoji’s hydrangea were off limits during the pandemic (it is back open since 2023). Thankfully Hoan-ji was openRead More →