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Pony Ride and Pet Corner at Midori No Mura | OGANO

Midori No Mura, Ogano, organize a pet corner, an animal fair of sorts, a number of times a year. We fortuitously enjoyed one of their fairs when it coincided with a stay in the log cabins in the camping grounds there. It is a nice little park with other points of interest for children in this park, including a wading pool […]

ogano kabuki and ogano spring festival

Ogano Kabuki and Spring Festival | CHICHIBU

Ogano Kabuki and Ogano Spring festival – Ogano is a very beautiful town in Chichibu district. Unlike many other city and towns that have their main festival in the summer, Ogano’s principal festival is the one they hold in spring. It is a festival rich in traditional performances and culture. There are a number of features that make this festival […]

Log cabin in Midori No Mura

Midori No Mura: Remote Retreat, Park and Log cabins | OGANO

  Midori no Mura, Ogano, Chichibu – Driving up through Yokoze and Chichibu Town there was a definite chill in the air. I felt thankful we’d packed some sleeping bags and blankets for our one night stay in log cabins in Ogano. We had packed the additional covers even though futons and duvets are provided at the campsite, because we […]