The Okegawa Flight School Peace Memorial Hall is reopening on Tuesday August 4th from 1 pm.  Five of the buildings at the site were designated cultural assets of Okegawa City in 2016. At that time they decided to carry out some restoration work to improve the appeal of the historicRead More →

Okegawa Gion Festival

The Okegawa Gion Festival has been celebrated for the last 280 years. Okegawa city is not a particularly famous or popular city in contemporary society, but once upon a time it was a key commercial hub along the Nakasendo Path. The Nakasendo Road was like a highway that connected KyotoRead More →

Hydrangea Okegawa

Riverside hydrangea, Okegawa. Sometimes it pays to get lost. I was attempting to go to one of the three safflower fields in Okegawa today. The safflower where nowhere in sight and I thought that both I and Google had remembered the place incorrectly. So I opted to abandon Google mapsRead More →

The “Benibana” Safflower Festival of Okegawa for 2020 was scheduled for Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st. The festival takes place between 9.30 am to 4 pm on both days. However, due to the COVID-19 causing Coronavirus, the event has been cancelled.  Official cancellation notification. 2019 Event Information 【べに花まつり】べに花の郷・桶川市で来週16、17日に「べに花まつり」が開かれます。べに花染め体験や切り絵体験、べに花まんじゅうなどのグルメも!見頃は来週から。まつりの日以外もべに花畑を楽しむことができます^0^ More →

Honda Airport plane and nanohana canola flowers

Arakawa Tarouemon and Honda Airport ~ In the midst of Covid-19 there are few places that feel safe. Indoors is definitely off the table. And this past week we’ve learned that the numbers of people in parks and cherry blossom locations also pose a risk. Even if those type ofRead More →

easter event saitama easter okegawa

Easter Okegawa – Benibana Walk in Okegawa have three easter events on during the month of April. The dates are Saturday April 13th, Saturday April 20th and Easter Sunday, April 21st. Easter Quiz Rally April 13th The first event, on Saturday April 13th, is an Easter quiz rally. It isRead More →

Santa in Saitama Santa Kuki Santa Kawagoe Santa Okegawa Santa Koshigaya Warabi Santa

Santa Okegawa – This year Toys-r-us are an official partner of santa. You can meet and greet Santa in the Toysrus in Okegawa on Sunday December 2nd at five different time slots. He visits for 30 minutes at each time slot. This is a free event. Bring your own camera! SantaRead More →

easter egg hunt saitama

Easter Egg Hunt at Benibana Walk in Okegawa – One of only a handful of Easter events being held in Saitama this year, the egg hunt in Benibana Walk is free. The first 200 customers can participate by approaching the 1st floor service counter and asking them for the form.Read More →

Named after the flower of Okegawa, Benibana Walk is a mall by the supermarket Apita. They have a better known sister mall in Higashimatsuyama called Peony Walk. Benibana is lesser in every way: smaller, less shops, fewer play areas and services.  It opened in November 2014 and we went toRead More →

Shiroyama Park

We’ve been hanging out in Shiroyama park quite a lot recently. Thanks to the Family Walker magazine featuring the new piece of playground equipment (the red and white pirate ship pictured below) and suggesting it as a hanami location. We had visited a few times in the past, but it didn’t make that much ofRead More →