omiya dai ni plum blossom festival

Omiya Dai Ni Cherry Blossom Season 2021. Omiya Dai Ni is best known for its plum blossoms. And neighbouring Omiya Park is famous for cherry blossoms. However, Omiya Dai Ni park also has some beautiful mature cherry blossom trees. The main display of cherry blossoms is around the pond inRead More →

omiya dai ni plum blossom festival

Omiya Plum Blossom season– Update February 26th. Sorry I am late updating – there’s just one of me, so its hard to keep each and every post and event up to date. It was decided in the end that the festival would not go ahead on account of the pandemic.Read More →

Saitama Wabi Sabi Festival – Wabi Sabi is usually a 2 day cultural festival held in Omiya park. However, in 2020, on account of the Coronavirus outbreak it will be a one day event held online. As such, it will be quite different to normal, with just online performances toRead More →

bonsai festival

The 2020 Grand Bonsai Festival was initially scheduled for May, but they postponed it until October on account of the coronavirus. They scheduled it for October 16th to 18th, but then subsequently decided to cancel it. This annual event in the Omiya Bonsai Village offers the opportunity to view specialRead More →

erth's dinosaur zoo sakado omiya

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo – The world renowned travelling puppet show Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo is coming back to Saitama this summer. Due to the phenomenal success and popularity in its inaugural year, the Erth’s zoo keeps coming back to Saitama Prefecture. They added more locations and more dates to be enjoyedRead More →

New Year Races 2020

New Year Races – It is very common in my homeland of Ireland, for people to attend horse races during the winter holidays. Around where I lived it is the Leopardstown Races on St Stephen’s Day. Here in Japan, Christmas is not a main event, but New Years is like ourRead More →

Saitama Beer Festival

Saitama Beer Festa 2019 (previously called Saitama Oktoberfest) from Friday September 27th to Sunday October 6th at Kanezuka Park, Omiya Station West Exit. There are over 30 varieties of beer and over 50 types of food (mainly German) including wurst and pretzels, available at the festival. There are also softRead More →

Omiya East Festival

Never fear if you missed the Omiya West exit Omiya festival, the Omiya East side also throw an annual festival as part of the Omiya Summer Festivals. It is the 23rd occurrence of the annual festival! It will be held in the afternoons and evenings of the first Friday andRead More →

railway town omiya

Railway Town Omiya – Railway Town Omiya hosts 2019 Railway Fair. The festival is held in the JR East Omiya Yard. Omiya is considered a railway town. Not only because of the number of train lines and marshaling and railway yards in the city, but also because of the incredibleRead More →

Wired Cafe Omiya

Wired Cafe is one of the better known brands of coffee shop giant Cafe Company. There are branches of Wired Cafe all over Japan with a large concentration in Tokyo and the greater Tokyo region, including in our lovely Saitama. We actually only have a couple of Wired Cafe inRead More →