When I first came to Japan in 2000 there was nothing in the shops for Easter. I have watched the selection of Easter goodies grow over the years.  Marketers are cashing in on the commercialism of the holiday, if nothing else. I’m not complaining; the choice of seasonal “Easter” cakesRead More →

Manhole Covers Saitama Japan Manhole Cover Art I used to think I was an observant person, until my cousin sent me an article about manhole covers in Japan. I was in Japan more than 10 years when she sent me the link about the ornate manhole covers here. My first instinctRead More →

When I was growing up in Ireland, Santa had a grotto in various shopping centres and department stores that he would visit on the run up to Christmas. In Japan, this is not the case. Usually, Santa visits preschools and/or community centres for a one off event. However, he alsoRead More →