Pork buns nikuman chukaman museum

New Open: Chukaman Museum ~ free nikuman factory tour information share The “Only in Saitama” series continues with Saitama’s latest free factory tour. The Chukaman Museum is a Nikuman (pork buns) Factory tour in Iruma. It is the first, and currently only, museum of its type in the whole ofRead More →

Unusual komainu

Komainu are usually referred to as lion-dogs in English. They are the guardian stone statues you see near the entrance to a shrine. One on either side of the walkway. One if male, one is female. Commonly one, believed to be the male one, has its mouth open and theRead More →

Sakado Meiji Chocolate Factory

Meiji Chocolate Factory Tour in Sakado, Saitama Prefecture – commutable from Tokyo. Meiji have seven factories with a free guided tour in the whole of Japan. We are lucky here in Saitama, that not only do we have one, but we have one of the chocolate and snack ones! AndRead More →

Suneori Amagoi The Suneori Amagoi Rain Praying Festival, which started in 1781, has been awarded a number of cultural and festival accolades. The awards include the prestigious and coveted city designated intangible folk cultural asset. Another is the equally distinguished grand prize for the best hometown events. Both of theseRead More →

Information on the free Glico Pia East tour where you can make your own Pocky on the Pocky tourRead More →