Vert Cafe

Vert Cafe in Gyoda Suijo Park captivates the passerby with its atypical European appearance. A beautiful wooden mansion glossed in a light fern green, it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it has an interesting backstory of its near 100 year history. The history From what I can tell fromRead More →

Garden and Cafe prunus Higashimatsuyama

Garden and Cafe Prunus, Higashimatsuyama, piqued my interest when I saw a photo of it in a Moteco issue a couple of years ago. It wasn’t so much the food as the building that grabbed my attention. It is a fetching cross of English country meets Swiss chalet. Perched onRead More →

Hamtaro Cafe – A limited period pop up cafe opened in Koshigaya yesterday. Box Cafe and Space in Koshigaya are hosting a celebratory Hamtaro Cafe pop up to mark the 20th anniversary of the popular children’s character Hamutaro. It will remain open until February 24th. There is an exclusive Hamtaro goodsRead More →

Kids glamping room and garden play at The Garden Cafe Hotel Shiunkaku collage

Kids Glamping Play Area and garden with swing and trampoline opens in chic “The Garden Cafe” in The Garden Hotel Shiunkaku Higashimatsuyama. An advertisement in this month’s Moteco piqued my interest. The caption read “Kids Gramping Room New Open” with a photo of an indoor outdoor play area. It wasn’tRead More →

Cafe Puisto

Cafe Puisto in Tove Jansson’s Akebono Children’s Forest Park, aka Moomin Valley, which will continue to be the free part of the Metsa Moomin Theme Park opening sometime in the near future… Once upon a time there was a untainted secret children’s forest in the lush hills of Hanno. SomeRead More →

Natural Cafe Sora Yoshimi

Natural Cafe Sora – Indoor / Outdoor child friendly restaurant with play areas The standard of restaurants and cafes is so high in Japan, that it is hard to find a restaurant that makes a strong indelible impression on me. Often it is only the unforgivably bad or exceptionally goodRead More →

Studio Cafe Zoo Adventure This is my go-to cafe for a bit of break from the kids, while with the kids. It is one of the few places I know that allow children play unsupervised, unless they are 3 years old or under. The play area is sectioned off fromRead More →