LO#4 had “koala class” this past Thursday. Koala class is conducted for the newborn at my maternity hospital 2 weeks postpartum. Basically, the midwives check Mammy and babies progress. They physically check on baby too. Mom’s physical isn’t until 4 weeks postpartum. At the class they address any concerns you haveRead More →

Giving birth in Japan – Day 0 of a postpartum hospital stay with presents galore. Giving birth in Japan Day 0 is the day you give birth. Regardless of what time of the day you give birth, day 0 ends at midnight on that day. On day 0 the presentsRead More →

I grew up in a family that sat down together every Saturday night to play board / dice / tile / card games. It was a lovely tradition and I have very fond memories of that family time. Naturally, I wanted to introduce this family tradition to my own children.Read More →

Kamishibai – Japanese storytelling… My son is using a stage and Kamishibai; a type of illustrated story, or “story card theater drama”, that is popular for children in Japan.  Kamishibai dates back to the 12th Century Japan (*some say 8th Century) when supposedly it was used by Buddhist monks to convey storiesRead More →

Republishing as got stuck in “drafts” after the move over to self-hosting. Apologies to subscribers who will receive a notification. Today is day 238 of having three children under four. My eldest has started Montessori since I last posted properly. They start mid April here in Japan. So nowadays itsRead More →