Chichibu poppy festival image from the official website

Chichibu Poppy Festival - The 2020 dates have been set (March 6th 2020) – from May 16th to June 7th. There may be changes due to Coronavirus or other mitigating factors.  Cancelled – more information below the advertisement. The Chichibu Poppy Festival “Poppies in the Sky” has not only be cancelled,Read More →

Konosu Poppy Fields

Kounosu Flower Festival – The poppy festival that is held annually in Konosu is quite well known, but they also have other flowers and flower events around the same time. Hence overall the festival is referred to as a flower festival, not just a poppy festival. Unfortunately, due to theRead More →

kounosu poppy festival Happy Poppy Square

Kounosu Poppy Festival is an annual event held in May in the Poppy Happy Square – Kōnosu City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. It is part of a larger Kounosu Flower festival with open gardens. The poppy festival usually occurs from the middle of May until the end of the month. ThisRead More →