Wired Cafe Omiya

Wired Cafe is one of the better known brands of coffee shop giant Cafe Company. There are branches of Wired Cafe all over Japan with a large concentration in Tokyo and the greater Tokyo region, including in our lovely Saitama. We actually only have a couple of Wired Cafe inRead More →


ALIT stands for Art / Archives, Library, Information and Tea. It is essentially a tea museum. And one of only a handful of tea museums in Japan, or even the world. The tea exhibits and related maybe the main part of the museum, but there is a lot more toRead More →

Omiya Park museum

Located in Omiya Park, the Saitama Prefectural Museum of History and Folklore is made up of three main parts: the exhibits, crafting and a free outdoor play area. This article concentrates on the latter two which do not have a cover charge to enter, and the free exhibits. The exhibitRead More →

Kawagoe styrofoam art

Kawagoe Styrofoam Art by Yajima Kimio in Kawagoe. This post was originally written in 2015. But as Mr Yajima continually adds to his incredible art made from styrofoam collection, I added his most recent work in 2019. This updated version comes with a map of the locations of some ofRead More →

Strawberry Selection Afternoon Tea Kawagoe Prince Hotel

From a quaint tea house in an idyllic setting in Tokyo, to the wanting tea room of the bleak Lobby Lounge in Kawagoe. Today’s post is ironically in stark contrast to yesterday’s. You would think that Tokyo would have the austere building and impersonal afternoon tea and that Kawagoes’ wouldRead More →

Rose Town Tea Garden

Rose Town Tea Garden, Ome City, Tokyo, Japan. Just over the Saitama Tokyo border lies the suburban city of Ome. When you hear “city” and “Tokyo” you’d be forgiven for imagining a metropolis like Ikebukuro or Ueno, but Ome is so far removed from the typical image of Tokyo thatRead More →

Kawajima swans

Kawajima Swans – October 14th update. Swan watch is on! The longterm weather reports and indeed the colder than normal Autumn to date are forewarning a colder than average winter in the Northern hemisphere. If true, the tundra swans will migrate from Siberia sooner rather than later. In recent yearsRead More →

Fukkuchan and festival stalls at Hanazono Roadside Station Fukaya

Hanazono Roadside Station is close to the Hanazono Interchange of the Kanetsu expressway. It is not on the highway, but a short distance on route 140 from the Hanazono exit / entrance of the highway, in the direction of the Saitama Museum of Rivers. Roadside station (Michi no eki 道の駅) isRead More →

this weekend in saitama february 9th and 10th

I have reintroduced “This weekend in Saitama”, by request, on a trial basis. You can of course find an event at anytime through the events calendar. To save time, I am sharing the pick up events from the event calendar. You don’t have to click into the event to seeRead More →

White tiger image for Tobu Zoo post. From Pixabay

I’ve brought the kids to Tobu Zoo a few times over the years. Our initial visit was about seven years ago and we weren’t as impressed with the zoo side on that first visit. However, they have improved the zoo over the years and we have grown to like itRead More →