In my experience of Gunma, Ibaraki and Saitama, most preschools in suburbia Japan, have some form of outdoor play area. Most of them have at least a slide and/or swings, and some are a full on playground with a combination of equipment.  Thankfully, our preschool is one of the latter.Read More →

Kidzoona molly fantasy saitama japan

Kidzoona or Kidzooona is a fantasy indoor play center in Omiya and other locations in Japan and Asia. Best suited to preschoolers, there’s lots for kids to play with. Read More →

Today, we had another first. 4-year-old’s first (pre)school1 bazaar. Like most school events, it involves parent participation. We take turns manning a booth; which is actually a mini shop within each classroom. I was on duty in the “toys” room, first thing this morning. I was a little nervous about itRead More →