Satte red spider lilies higanbana manjyusyage

Gongendo park is one of the three principal places to see higanbana, aka red spider lilies, in Saitama Prefecture and one of the bigger spider lily festival locations. It is one of my personal favorite spots for higanbana in Saitama Prefecture. Hopefully the picture below, which I took during theRead More →

Red spider lilies manjushage kinchakuda festival

Kinchakuda is synonymous with “manjushage” red spider lilies in Saitama. Furthermore, it is the most famous of the three red spider lily festivals of Saitama. Moreover, the carpet of spiny red flowers is one of the most famous autumn scenes in all of Japan. There are also several other notableRead More →

Equinox flowers Kawagoe

Kawagoe has dozens of equinox flower, aka red spider lily, spots. Several of them quite hidden from the mass public. Equinox flowers is the literal translation of “higanbana”, a flower most commonly called red spider lily in English. I generally use “Red Spider lily” myself, but for this post IRead More →

red spider lilies and cosmos shingashi river

In advance of the red spider lily (aka lycoris radiata, cluster amarilla, equinox flower, higanbana etc) season, a photo Friday post of red spider lilies along the Shingashi River. The spider lilies don’t bloom until September. All these photos are from between 2006 and 2022. Spider lilies Shingashi River TheRead More →

John Deere tractor at park in Hatoyama Town, HIki District, Saitama prefecture

The John Deere Park is a work in progress, but it has huge potential. It is a “Satoyama” flower park in rural Hatoyama. A place unscathed by telephone or electrical wires, which is rare even in the Hiki District which is largely countryside. Initially, the ‘real’ name of the parkRead More →