seseragi iris garden yamazaki park fujimi city

Information for the seasonal blooms in Fujimi City’s Yamazaki Park – Kawazuzakura and plum blossoms in early spring, the Seseragi Iris garden and crepe myrtle in summer. Yamazaki Park Yamazaki Park is a small park within a residential area of Fujimi City. It also goes by the name of SeseragiRead More →

off the beaten path scenery in Saitama Prefecture

Nanohana, aka canola or rapeseed flowers, in spring and higanbana, aka lycoris radiata or red spider lilies, in Autumn. Off the beaten path scenery in Saitama Since the pandemic began, off the beaten path scenery has become more popular than ever. Introducing one of several spots in Kawajima Town, SaitamaRead More →

Sakuranoyama Park

Sakuranoyama Park is located in Ogose Town, Saitama, Japan. It is a small park, but very picturesque in spring. As you can probably guess, it is thanks to the eponymous cherry blossoms (sakura) of the park. And as the name also suggests it is a mountainside (yama) park. The parkRead More →

Sakitama Higanbana Autumn

Cherry blossoms and Higanbana at the unique Sakitama Kofun Park, one of Saitama’s famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Gyoda City. While renowned within Saitama as a sakura viewing spot, the cherry blossoms are not that eminent outside of Saitama. Moreover, the spot is not yet known for its spiderRead More →

Spider lilies Yoshimi

Once an off the beaten path spot for Spider lilies (aka Lycoris, Cluster Amaryllis, Equinox flower etc) in Yoshimi Town in the Hiki District of Saitama Prefecture. Where they have not just one, but two separate spider lily flower displays. One of which blooms earlier than everywhere else. In 2021Read More →