hydrangea and Japan's tallest pagoda at Aobaen Saitama CIty

Seven hundred year old wisteria, a natural monument of Saitama Prefecture, in spring, and hydrangea – backdropped by Japan’s tallest three storied pagoda – in summer. At Aobaen, a cemetery in Saitama City, just North of Tokyo, Japan. In the most unlikely of places in Saitama City there are threeRead More →

chipmunks saitama

Information for Saitama’s free ‘Squirrel House’ (but home to chipmunks!) in Shimin no Mori / Minuma Green Center in an agricultural area of Saitama City. Information for the annual Saitama City Agricultural Fair is also contained in this post. Chipmunks in Saitama City “Squirrel House” is the official English nameRead More →