Moroyama Spring Yabusame

Yabusame is the military art of discharging an arrow at a target while riding on a running horse. Each year in both Autumn and Spring Moroyama town celebrates this ancient military art form. The festival in Moroyama has been celebrated for the last 950 years. Moroyama is the only place in Saitama whereRead More →

Yamada Spring Festival

Yamada Spring Festival is held annually in Chichibu. It is hosted in early March, usually on the second Sunday of the month. The festival is said to mark the coming of Spring. Unfortunately due to the efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus, this event was cancelled for 2020. Read More →

Koshigaya Plum Blossom Festival

Koshigaya Plum Blossom – The 26th Annual Koshigaya Plum Forest Park Plum Blossom Festival will take place on Saturday March 6th and Sunday the 7th from 10 am to 3 pm each day. The event was CANCELLED for 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Official cancellation notice web page.  Truthfully,Read More →

A wooper looper axolotl at Saitama Aquarium

Saitama Aquarium in Hanyu It was a pleasant surprise revisiting Saitama Aquarium this past week. We hadn’t been in around eight years. And the last time was a bit of a disappointment so we left it this long to visit again. In the eight years since we’d been there thoughRead More →

Mushi mushi museum

Mushi Mushi Museum – Every year Shinrin Park have a small beetle museum in the West Gate Building. Until 2020 it was always over the summer, but this year it is opening in February! However, due to COVID-19 it was suspended on March 1st 2020. Currently, they have a noteRead More →

setsubun saitama

Setsubun Saitama- Setsubun is a religious ceremony practiced every year on February 3rd. Historically setsubun, which literally means seasonal division, was a four day period marking the changing of the seasons. Risshun is February 4th and is the first day of spring and historically the start of a new year.Read More →

Splash Festival Tsurugashima

Tsurugashima Splash Festival in 2019 Don’t worry if you missed the excellent Water Fight festival in Omiya earlier in the summer; there is another opportunity to enjoy a water festival just before the kids go back to school. At the Tsurugashima splash festival. And while the Omiya splash festival isRead More →

Hanazono Forest

Hanazono Forest: Cakes, pastry and sweets specialist, dairy free tofu sweets, sweets outlet, bakery, ice-cream, restaurant, rose garden, playground and free factory view Hanazono Forest, Fukaya, Saitama Hanazono Forest in Fukaya City is a type of wholesalers or outlet for confectionery and pastry. It is a very popular spot withRead More →

Hot air balloon shinrin park

Hot Air Balloon Shinrin Park – from August 10th to 12th Shinrin park have an hot air balloon ride event. It is even cheaper than the monthly one at Tokorozawa Aviation Park at just 1,500 yen per person. However, you have to apply in advance to be put in aRead More →

Kinoshita circus saitama

The Kinoshita Circus will come to Saitama for the first time in seven years at the end of June. Updated An official of Kinoshita Circus has confirmed that the famed and fabulous circus is coming to Saitama this year, 2019. She did not confirm the date or location, but aRead More →