Satte red spider lilies higanbana manjyusyage

The Higanbana festival in Satte’s Gongendo Park has been cancelled in 2020 on account of the Coronavirus outbreak. The other large spider lily festivals in Saitama, such as at Kinchakuda, have also been cancelled. Smaller spider lily locations, where the higanbana grow wild, and that don’t have flower festivals evenRead More →

Satte Summer Festival

Day two of the four day 300 year old Satte Summer Festival sees the children’s mikoshi event. A mikoshi is a portable shrine. Local children participate in carrying the portable shrine through the town. This year, 2020, the date has been set for Thursday the 16th of July. This eventRead More →

Satte Summer Festival

Satte Summer Festival is a four day annual affair every July. The first day, this year 2020 is scheduled for Sunday July 12th from 2 pm. It is the day that the mikoshi, portable shrine, is carried around town. The children’s mikoshi is carried around town on the second dayRead More →

Hydrangea festival From the Satte City Tourism Association official website

Satte Hydrangea Festival in Gongendo Park, Satte, Saitama.  The 2020 Hydrangea festival festival has been cancelled, but the park is open to the public.  Gongendo Park Gongendo is a prefectural park in Satte, renowned for its seasonal flowers. The park is best known for its stunning cherry blossom and rapeseedRead More →

Daffodil Festival

Satte Daffodil Festival (also known as the Narcissus Festival) in Gongendo Park, Satte, Saitama. Gongendo is a prefectural park in Satte, renowned for its seasonal flowers. Today, December 20th 2019, the park’s official website posted an announcement that the daffodils have been declared open. Several are already in bloom, withRead More →