Chikozan Greenery and Iris Festival

Greenery and Iris festival at Chikozan Park Zoo in Sayama – Every year in June, the excellent Chikozan Park in Sayama City has a greenery and iris festival. It usually falls on the second Saturday and Sunday of June. They put up festival lanterns the week of the festival. ThereRead More →

Yaezakura Late blooming sakura cherry blossom

Inariyama Park Cherry Blossoms were declared “open” today, March 19th 2021. There will be no Cherry blossom Festival in Inariyama Park in Sayama park this year due to the Novel Coronavirus. It was tentatively scheduled for April 3rd and 4th. However, ultimately they cancelled it. Inariyama Park Cherry Blossoms TheRead More →

umenomiya shrine amazake festival

Umenomiya Shrine’s Amazake (sweet sake) Festival in Sayama city. The Amazake festival at Umenomiya shrine in Sayama City is actually one of the most famous festivals among Saitama-jin; the people of Saitama. It is a designated intangible folk cultural property due to both the rarity of the festival and theRead More →

monkey onsen

Monkey Onsen at Chikozan Park Zoo in Sayama – The Chikozan Park Zoo usually opens their Monkey Hot spring each year on November 23rd, a Japanese national holiday. It normally runs until the end of March. It is in the usual monkey enclosure toward the back of the park besideRead More →

Sayama Halloween Chikozan Park

Sayama Halloween in Chikozan Zoo Sayama Halloween – the Halloween period at Chikozan Zoo in Sayama is from October 7th until October 27th 2019. On Sunday October 27th Chikozan zoo will have their main Halloween event “Halloween Costume Party” from 11.45 am at the open space at the back ofRead More →

Unfortunate Insects Exhibition Sayama Municipal museum summer 2019

Unfortunate Insects Exhibition is the next child friendly summer exhibition at the Sayama Municipal Museum. It will run from Saturday June 29th to Sunday September 8th during the museum’s opening hours of 9 am to 5 pm everyday except Monday. The museum closes on Mondays. In my experience to date,Read More →

Sayama Inariyama Prefectural park or Inariyama Park for short. This article contains general information about the park as well as cherry blossom, barbecue and annual event information. There is a museum and cafe in the park. Inariyama Park Inariyama Park was once an American military facility; part of Johnson airport.Read More →