Seibu Pools Shirakobato Park Festival

Seibu still haven’t confirmed or denied whether the Seibu Pools are open this year (on account of the Coronavirus). As most other outdoor pools have been cancelled this year, there is a chance that the Seibuen pools will not be open to the public this year. However, the Tobu SuperRead More →

Extended closures Saitama due to Covid19

Covid19 Saitama – This is the list of places that have re-opened or remained closed after the initial round of Covid19 closures in Saitama Prefecture, just north of Tokyo. Jump to open places. Covid19 Closures Saitama At the end of February 2020 dozens of places in Saitama Prefecture announced theyRead More →

Coronavirus Saitama

Coronavirus Saitama up until March 15th 2020 – List of places that are closed and open during the Covid 19 outbreak in Saitama Prefecture, just north of Tokyo. Jump to open places. This article was last updated and closed on March 15th 2020. Information for and from of March 16thRead More →

Night Illumination Seibu 2019 2020

Night Illumination Seibu Amusement Park – Shining Forest Night Illumination at Seibu Amusement park from November 8th to April 5th. During the 2018/ 2019 period Seibu Yuuenchi’s night illumination made it into the top 5 spots for Kanto (Greater Tokyo Area) winter illumination. It had the previous year too. TheRead More →

Halloween Kawagoe and halloween events saitama and Halloween seibuen

Halloween Seibuen – Last year Seibuen changed how they celebrate Halloween, regrettably by reducing the number of events. However, the line up for this year, 2019, looks quite good. They haven’t brought back the popular  “Halloween Night Party”, but they have planned lots of pure Halloween fun for the kids.Read More →

White Lantasia Fireworks

White Lantasia Fireworks – If you like fireworks and are looking for somewhere to enjoy fireworks this February, Seibu Amusement Park might be the place for you! But please note it is only a short fireworks display. The fireworks are set to the music of the popular winter illumination “WhiteRead More →

santa seibu amusement park Santa Aeon mall Narita

Santa Seibu Amusement Park – Santa Claus will be visiting the Seibu Amusement Park in Tokorozawa on Saturday the 22nd of December 2018. He will be available for a meet and greet with patrons of the park at three different times. Santa Seibu Amusement Park times and locations: Santa willRead More →

Snow Park Kingdom Seibu Amusement Park

Seibu’s Snow Kingdom was discontinued in 2018 and replaced with an outdoor seasonal ice rink. However, at the end of 2019 they reintroduced parts of the Snow park with the ice rink and some new features too. Up to date information for 2020: Snow Kingdom Saitama – Where can my kidsRead More →

Seibu Amusement Park Winter Illumination – This year Seibu Yuuenchi is in the top four largest winter illuminations list for the Greater Tokyo area.  Around 3,000,000 lights are used for this year’s ensemble, even the merry-go-round is lit up with 12 different colours. The illumination display opened just yesterday in theRead More →

The summer water park at Seibu Amusement Park opened early in July.  The night pool will open on select dates from July 15th.  Seibu amusement park and its seasonal pools, beer garden and fireworks are popular with locals and even people commuting from Tokyo and further afield too. Hours: 9am to 5pm untilRead More →