Shiki Sakura festa

The third annual Shiki Sakura Festa has been cancelled due to concerns of Covid-19. It was scheduled for March 28th and 29th. Cancellation notice from the official Shiki City website.  2019 Information This is only the second annual Shiki Sakura Festa, but the cherry blossoms in the area have beenRead More →

Yanasegawa Cherry Blossoms Shiki Sakura

Yanasegawa Cherry Blossoms – There are three main cherry blossom spots in Shiki: Shingashi River, Yanasegawa River, and Shikishima Shrine. The city hosts cherry blossom festivals too, including the Sakura Festa at Iroha park on Shingashi river near city hall. The sakura typically bloom the end of March to earlyRead More →

Free play area tomica plarail Plarail world Peony walk higashimatsuyama

On Tuesday February 12th and Wednesday February 13th there is a pop up “Plarail World” at Shiki’s children’s center on the 3rd floor of the Sougou Fukushi center. Each day it is on for one hour. This event is open to children younger than school going age who must beRead More →