Herbal House Open House and Garden Yoshimi Saitama Prefecture insaitama.com

Herbal House, Shabby Chic Open House and Garden, Yoshimi, Saitama★500 yen entry fee which includes a herbal tea and small slice of cake Herbal House in Yoshimi has been described on Instagram as “relaxing”, “other worldly” and “like something from a Ghibli movie”. Google Maps reviews consolidates the high praiseRead More →

Metsa Village umbrella sky Japan's largest umbrella art installation Things to do in Saitama

Metsa Village Umbrella Sky “Forest and Lake and Umbrella“ We visited the Forest and Lake and Umbrella Metsa Umbrella Sky Project in the summer of 2019. And we weren’t disappointed. Its coming back this year, 2020, even bigger and for longer than last year. (2020 Event Information here). Umbrella SkyRead More →

Ferry Crossing Festival

The 9th annual Misato Ferry Crossing Festival is on Saturday May 11th (weather permitting) from 10 am to 3 pm. It is held at Misato’s emergency wharf on the Edo River, beside Misato No Kaze Hiroba. The event will be cancelled if it is raining. Festival Line Up You canRead More →

Sakado Bamboo Lantern Night festival

The Sakado Bamboo lantern festival is still a relatively unknown off-the-beaten-track festival. Although, it has been around for a few years already – in fact it is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. Last year there were “only” about 3,000 people which sounds like a lot, but it isRead More →

Golden Week events at the Saitama Prefectural Disaster Prevention Learning Center — The Saitama Prefectural Disaster Prevention Learning Center is in Konosu City. It is a free educational center with several hands on experiences that teach children and adults how to prepare for any disaster. You can experience an earthquake,Read More →

Shimozato Elementary school from Non Non Biyori anime and famed for cherry blossoms

Shimozato Elementary School is a historic building and tourist attraction in Ogawa town, Saitama. The school is somewhat off the main tourist trail. However, two groups of people know it well. Fans of Non Non Biyori know it as the anime school Ashigaoka. And it is also well known byRead More →

Kawagoe styrofoam art

Kawagoe Styrofoam Art – In 2015 I wrote a popular post about the styrofoam art displays by Yajima Kimio in Kawagoe. Mr Yajima has continued to make incredible art from styrofoam for the last four years. And I have discovered displays I hadn’t noticed back in 2015! This is anRead More →

Saitama Norin Park

Saitama Norin Park is a prefectural agriculture and forestry park in Fukaya City.  There is quite a lot to do at Saitama Norin, if you’ve planned in advance and booked to pick fruit and/or take a class. On the weekend they have the very popular mini steam locomotive. There isRead More →

Kids glamping room and garden play at The Garden Cafe Hotel Shiunkaku collage

Kids Glamping Play Area and garden with swing and trampoline opens in chic “The Garden Cafe” in The Garden Hotel Shiunkaku Higashimatsuyama. An advertisement in this month’s Moteco piqued my interest. The caption read “Kids Gramping Room New Open” with a photo of an indoor outdoor play area. It wasn’tRead More →

Sakado Meiji Chocolate Factory

Meiji Chocolate Factory Tour in Sakado, Saitama Prefecture – commutable from Tokyo. Meiji have seven factories with a free guided tour in the whole of Japan. We are lucky here in Saitama, that not only do we have one, but we have one of the chocolate and snack ones! AndRead More →