red spider lily kinchakuda

Kinchakuda Red Spider Lily Festival 2020, Hidaka, Saitama Japan – The festival has been cancelled this year on account of the Coronavirus outbreak.  The famous red spider lilies (or Higanbana field or Manjushage) in Kinchakuda in Hidaka bloom from about mid September. The date for the corresponding festival is alwaysRead More →

Satte red spider lilies higanbana manjyusyage

Higanbana festival in Satte’s Gongendo Park. Tentative information for 2020. Image from the official website. The Satte Higanbana (Red Spider Lily) Festival starts mid September in Gongendo Park in Satte.  The Higanbanas are quite famous there as are the cherry blossoms and rape flowers in Spring. There are over 3 MILLION redRead More →

Red, Orange, Yellow and White spider lilies in Yoshimi Town, Hiki District, Saitama. As I update this in early August 2020 spider lilies are already popping up here and there. Much earlier than normal. This year, 2020, the famous Kinchakuda festival will not be on due to the coronavirus. TheRead More →

Terasaka Rice terraces higanbana red spider lily cluster amaryllis from the official Yokoze Tourism website

Cluster Amaryllis / Higanbana  / Red spider lilies at the Terasaka terraced Rice fields in Yokoze What is another name for cluster amaryllis? The cluster amaryllis is a flower of many names. In Japan, they are most frequently called Higanbana or Manjushage. In English the most common name is redRead More →