Tokorozawa sunflower

Information for the Tokorozawa Sunflowers / Sunflower Field and Festival also known as the Mikajima Sunflower fields or Himawari Batake 三ケ島ひまわり畑 in Japanese. Tokorozawa Sunflower Field and Festival There are approximately 20,000 sunflowers at the Tokorozawa Sunflower fields (Himawari Hatake). They are a hybrid variety. This is the 19th yearRead More →

Seibu Amusement Park Fireworks

Information for the Seibuen Yuenchi (Seibuen Amusement park) fireworks in 2024. Until 2018, before the pandemic and the amusement park’s renovations, they were one of the most popular summer fireworks in Saitama annually. They also used to have fireworks during their winter night illumination, which were equally popular, but theyRead More →

Monet I can see the Lights exhibition, world premiere in Grand Gallery Tokorozawa

Information for the next exhibition at the grand gallery of the Kadokawa Musashino Museum: an immersive Monet 360 degree digital art exhibition. “Monet: I can see the lights – An Immersive Journey” is the fourth in the series of immersive art exhibitions at Kadokawa Culture Museum and the first screeningRead More →

summer exhibition at Sayama City Museum

Information for the Summer Exhibition at Sayama City Museum “Sakana-Kun no Gyokuraku Exhibition”, showcasing pictures of fish by renowned ‘fish boy’, Sakana-kun. Unfortunate Living Things Exhibition The Sayama Municipal Museum is known for its kid friendly exhibitions. Particularly in the summer they tend to have exhibitions that kids not only enjoy, butRead More →