Sayama Berryland

Blueberry and Strawberry Picking at Sayama Berryland – not at the same time! June is blueberry season in Japan. Winter and Spring is strawberry picking season. Sayama Berryland is one of the largest berry picking farms in the Kanto Region (aka Greater Tokyo area). Sayama Berryland is quite well knownRead More →

Sakura Town Sakura Matsuri

Information sakura matsuri at Tokorozawa Sakura Town. Sakura Matsuri means cherry blossom festival. There are several events on during the period of the cherry blossom festival. Tokorozawa Sakura Town Cherry Blossoms Tokorozawa Sakura Town, often described as an entertainment town, has shops, restaurants, museums, a factory, offices, a public openRead More →

Tatsuo Takayama exhibition Edit and Art Gallery

Information for the Tatsuo Takayama: The Universe in the Palm of a Hand’ at the Edit and Art Gallery in the Kadokawa Musashino Museum¹, in Tokorozawa Sakura Town, in winter 2024. Like all exhibitions at Kadokawa Museum, they recommend that you purchase a ticket in advance, particularly for a weekend.Read More →

A Japanese oni in front of the torii of Musashino Reiwa Shrine for a Setsubun festival

General information for the ‘Cool Japan’ Musashino Reiwa Shrine as well as information for the annual setsubun festival at the shrine. Musashino Reiwa Shrine is located in Tokorozawa Sakura Town, a hip entertainment hub, on the border of Tokyo. Musashino Reiwa Shrine The Musashino Reiwa Shrine, dubbed the Cool JapanRead More →