Villa Napoli Italian Restaurant Tsurugashima

Villa Napoli is a lively Italian Restaurant in Tsurugashima, close to Wakaba Walk. You can order individual dishes or a plan that includes all-you-can- eat pizza with sides. It is a great spot for an affordable, filling lunch with friends or family. On top of all that, the restaurant itselfRead More →

Suneori amagoi rain praying festival tsurugashima

The rain praying dragon festival of Tsurugashima “Suneori Amagoi” is usually held in August every four years. This year, 2020, it was scheduled to be held in September. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak they initially thought of postponing the date and then ultimately cancelled it.  This festival has toRead More →

The 2019 Summer Carnival in Tsurugashima will take place on Saturday the 20th of July. Last year, due to the heat wave, the scheduled children’s performances was cancelled. All other performances went ahead as scheduled. There is a possibility the same will happen this year. Please check the official website forRead More →

Greenfinger instacafe saitama japan saitama flowers best of saitama

Stunning rose garden with cafe: Greenfinger Cafe, Tsurugashima There has been a steady rise of Instacafe spots all over Japan, but Greenfinger cafe in Tsurugashima might well win a prize for the most instagrammable cafe in all of Saitama. It is particularly the garden of the cafe that has createdRead More →

Hello Kitty Valentine

Wakaba Walk have live music performances almost every weekend of the year. For the bank holiday Monday, February 11th, they have a “Sanrio Valentine Mini Stage”, a musical performance with everyone’s favourite Sanrio character Hello Kitty. And Daniel Starr, also known as Dear Daniel, the main male Hello Kitty character.Read More →

tsurugashima park

Tsurugashima Sports Park isn’t a particularly large park and, if you are not playing sports, nor is it a particularly engaging park. However, it has two things going for it; cherry blossoms and a splash pool. The park is useful for locals as it has walking courses, a tennis courts,Read More →

Karaoke with kids – This post used to be about the Shidax Karaoke chain. However, in 2018 Shidax sold their karaoke business to rival B&V who operate the Karaoke Kan chain. The hand over was finalized in June 2020. The Shidax were a family friendly Karaoke chain that offer manyRead More →

Suneori Amagoi Rain Praying Festival in Tsurugashima City in the Western area of Saitama within commutable distance of Tokyo. Suneori Amagoi The Suneori Amagoi Rain Praying Festival, which started in 1781, holds a number of cultural and festival accolades. The awards include the prestigious and coveted city designated intangible folkRead More →