Fujimino cherry blossom festival

Fujimino Cherry Blossom Season – In a non pandemic year, there is a cherry blossom “festival” in the Kamifukuoka area of Fujimino city. Particularly around Fukuoka Central Park. It is not a large festival, the term is mainly used to indicate that it is okay to do “hanami” while the cherryRead More →

setsubun kitain temple

Setsubun Kitain Temple Kawagoe – Setsubun is celebrated annually on February 3rd. (Except in 2021 when it fell on February 2nd for the first time in 124 years!) You can celebrate at home and / or at a setsubun event. Of the setsubun events the mamemaki (bean throwing) ceremony atRead More →

Yabusame is the military art of discharging an arrow at a target while riding on a running horse. Each year in both Autumn and Spring Moroyama town celebrates this ancient military art form. However, in 2020 the Autumn Yabusame was cancelled on account of the Coronavirus. Moroyama is the onlyRead More →

Horo festival Kawagoe – a religious celebration and unique cultural event. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus the event didn’t go ahead in 2020. It is too soon to tell if it will be able to go ahead in 2021. I will updated closer to the time. Horo Festival This colourful,Read More →

fireworks ageo omiya

For the second year in a row the Kawagoe Koedo Fireworks are cancelled. They were due to take place in the middle of August. The 2020 fireworks were actually cancelled well in advance due to concerns over safety with the Olympics being on. In 2021, they are being cancelled dueRead More →

Tokorozawa sunflower

Tokorozawa Sunflower Field and Festival also known as the Mikajima Sunflower fields. The sunflower fields are located in the Sayama Hills area relatively near Kurosuke House where a life sized Totoro lives! In 2020, they didn’t really make an official announcement, but the festival was not on. However, this year,Read More →

grape picking tokorozawa vineyard

Grape picking at Tokorozawa Vineyard annually from early August to mid September. The start date of the 2021 season is Thursday August 5th. They hope to remain open until mid September. They ask customers to maintain social distancing and wear a mask. Please do check with the official site forRead More →