Hanno Festival and fireworks

The 49th annual Hanno Festival and fireworks in 2019. The Hanno festival is on Saturday November 2nd and Sunday November 3rd 2019. There are fireworks on the evening of the Saturday, November 2nd. Hanno Festival Day 1 – Saturday November 2nd The festival takes place around Hanno and Higashi HannoRead More →

Funmock Panza Miyazawako Metsa Hanno insaitama (5) Metsä

“Funmock; an athletic in the sky“ Panza is the name of the company, Miyazawako the name of the branch, Funmock is the name of the play area and Metsa Village (Hanno) is where it is located! Panza Project Adventure Japan Panza is part of a larger collaborative called Project AdventureRead More →

easter parade kawagoe saitama with kids

Atre Maruhiro Kawagoe are having an easter parade on Easter Sunday, April 21st, 2019. Before the easter parade commences members will be able to make their own Easter hat as part of the event. The easter parade and craft event will be held at two different times on Easter Sunday.Read More →

Happy Spring Festa Shinrin Park

Every year Shinrin Park host one of the longest “spring festivals”. They split it into two. The first part “Happy Spring Festival” just finished a couple a weeks ago on April 6th. And now part two “Happy Spring Festa” starts this weekend: on Saturday April 20th. It will run untilRead More →

hodosan easter egg hunt

Easter Hodosan Zoo – Hodosan Zoo is a small zoo at the top of Mt Hodo in Nagatoro in Chichibu. From Saturday March 23rd until Bank Holiday Monday May 6th, on the days that the zoo is open, they are hosting an egg hunt easter event. Egg Hunt The eggRead More →

Cafe Matilda exterior

Cafe Matilda is a pancake house in the tourist town of Kawagoe. The restaurant itself is outside the tourist area, but it is close to Hon-Kawagoe station making it a convenient place to pick up a bite before or after a tour of Kawagoe city. Currently, during the Coronavirus outbreak,Read More →

Asaka City Library Festival

Asaka City Library has a really good selection of English books and magazines, better than most of the libraries I am member of. As it is not a public library and only a municipal library I am not able to borrow from there. It doesn’t stop me from visiting itRead More →

this weekend in saitama february 9th and 10th

I have reintroduced “This weekend in Saitama”, by request, on a trial basis. You can of course find an event at anytime through the events calendar. To save time, I am sharing the pick up events from the event calendar. You don’t have to click into the event to seeRead More →

White Lantasia Fireworks

White Lantasia Fireworks – If you like fireworks and are looking for somewhere to enjoy fireworks this February, Seibu Amusement Park might be the place for you! But please note it is only a short fireworks display. The fireworks are set to the music of the popular winter illumination “WhiteRead More →

This weekend in Saitama

Back by popular demand! In 2012 I used to write a weekly round up of weekend events that was very popular. I only dropped it because it was very time consuming. But now that the events calendar is well established, it is easier. I am reintroducing “This weekend in Saitama”,Read More →