wisteria at tamashiki where the Kazo City Kisai Wisteria Festival is held

The Kazo City Kisai Wisteria Festival needs little introduction to Saitama-jin, as it celebrates the 450 year old wisteria of Tamashiki Shrine. It is a popular festival annually. The shrine’s spring festival generally overlaps with some of the dates of the wisteria festival. Kisai Wisteria Festival 2024 First and foremost,Read More →

wisteria and seibu yellow train in chichibu

Nosaka-ji (Nosaka Temple) the 12th stop on the Chichibu 34 temple pilgrimage, 秩父札所十二番 野坂寺. Nosaka-ji A few years ago while at Hitsujiyama Park for the moss phlox, my family and I went for a hike in the area. We found this stunning temple on our way. Furthermore, it had beautifulRead More →

hydrangea and Japan's tallest pagoda at Aobaen Saitama CIty

Seven hundred year old wisteria, a natural monument of Saitama Prefecture, in spring, and hydrangea – backdropped by Japan’s tallest three storied pagoda – in summer. At Aobaen, a cemetery in Saitama City, just North of Tokyo, Japan. In the most unlikely of places in Saitama City there are threeRead More →