Illumination Fresa Yoshimi

Fresa Yoshimi Illumination – Tentative information for 2021. This event did not go ahead in 2020 on account of the Coronavirus. Fresa Yoshimi Illumination The illumination in Fresa Yoshimi is a particularly child friendly winter lights display. It is also one of the longest running – it started in 2003.Read More →

The 100 caves of Yoshimi will have a festival this coming Saitama Prefecture Day, November 14th. And every year on the same date in celebration of the prefecture’s day. The unusual attraction in Yoshimi will be free in for the occasion. Usually it costs 300 yen per adult and childrenRead More →

Cosmos festival yoshimi

Scarecrows and Cosmos Festival Yoshimi There are about eight million cosmos in about 8.3 hectares of flower fields in rural Yoshimi. Thankfully they are beside three landmarks which makes them easier to find (see access) and they have a large hot air balloon on the days of the festival forRead More →

100 caves of yoshimi cherry blossom festival

The 100 caves of Yoshimi 2021 cherry blossom festival has been cancelled due to concerns over the spread of novel coronavirus Covid-19. The festival was tentatively scheduled for March 19th until April 11th. Normally, during the festival period the sakura trees are lit up at night between 5 and 9Read More →

Denjiro's Science Show

Denjiro ‘s fascinating science show in Koshigaya on January 11th 2021, rescheduled from May 15 2020. Many of you will be familiar with the genius scientist, Yonemura Denjiro, who appears on national TV frequently with his funny, wacky and fascinating science experiments. On January 11th 2021 there is a rareRead More →

Hatchoko healing night autumn leaves light up yoshimi

Hatchoko is a lake in Yoshimi Town in the Hiki District of Saitama. The area around it is a nature park. It is much loved by locals and promoted by the local government. The lake is small and quite murky, but the trees around the lake are very vibrant inRead More →