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On August 1st 2020 TeamLab opened a permanent digitized nature solo exhibition called Resonating Light in the Acorn Forest. It is in the Musashino Woods of Higashi Tokorozawa Park. The Higashi Tokorozawa park is located next to the much anticipated Shin Tokorozawa Sakura Town. Sakura Town has several attractions including a library and manga museum, an anime hotel and a “Cool Japan” modern shrine. The park will have a small cafe too. The cafe was supposed to open in September, but it seems the opening date has been pushed back indefinitely.


This is not Saitama’s first partnership with Team Lab. In fact, Saitama Prefecture was the very first place in the whole world to get a permanent indoor TeamLab. In the play area in the Teamlab Islands in Lalaport in Fujimi. Saitama also hosted a TeamLab collaborative illumination event at the Metsa Village (Moominvalley Park) in Hanno which was highly popular.

—This post first appeared on the events section of to disseminate information about the opening of Acorn Forest. It has been adapted for the main section of the blog.—

Acorn Forest

Team lab acorn forest tokorozawa
Image from the official website

The art installation is in the Musashino Woods Park within the larger Higashi Tokorozawa park. There are two installations in total. One is the Acorn Forest or its full name “teamlab: Resonating Life in the Acorn Forest“. It uses teamlab’s trademark fluorescent color changing shapes on the forest floor to create art in nature. From the website:

“The Kadokawa Culture Museum calls the collection of oaks and other deciduous broadleaf trees of Musashino the Musashino Woods. These Musashino Woods transition through the greens of spring and summer, display beautiful autumnal leaves from fall until early winter, and are home to ripe acorns in autumn.

Deciduous broadleaf forests were widespread in Japan during the Jomon Period. These forests were home to acorn-bearing trees, and acorns were a major food source for the Jomon people. During the Jomon Period, many people existed alongside the acorn forests, living easily with this abundant food source.

teamLab’s Digitized Nature art project uses non-material digital technology to transform nature into art without having a physical impact on it. teamLab: Resonating Life in the Acorn Forest will transform the acorn forests of Musashino into an interactive art space which changes due to the presence of people.”

Source: TeamLab official English website.

TeamLab Acorn Forest
Image from the official website

The acorns / ovum are interactive – they react to touch and motion. When you touch or roll one it omits a sound that “resonates” with the surrounding acorns. Creating a ripple effect of sound reverberating in the forest. They are currently giving out gloves to that you can interact with the ovum exhibits safely during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Resonating Trees

Resonating trees acorn forest teamlab

The second of the art installations in the Musashino Woods at the Higashi Tokorozawa Park is the Resonating Trees.  Or for its full name: Autonomous Resonating Life – Liquified Light Color, Sunrise and Sunset .This installation plays with lighting for a dramatic effect

Teamlab resonating trees


The park is open from Wednesdays to Mondays, closed on Tuesdays. It is also closed when there is heavy rain and / or strong winds. There are two different sessions: daytime sessions are from noon to 5 pm. Night time is from 6 pm to 10 pm, with last entry at 9.30 pm. However, in summer the daytime session is extended to 6 pm and the start of the night time session is pushed back to 7 pm. Also, from October to December the first session ends at 4 pm and the night time session starts from 5 pm.

Acorn Forest Cost

The lowest price is for a daytime visit on a weekday. It costs 500 yen for adults, 400 yen for students and 300 yen for children. That is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays it costs 600 yen for an adult, 500 yen for a student and 400 yen for a child six years or older.

The night time visits costs 1,000 yen for adults, 800 yen for students and 500 yen for children on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. From Friday to Sunday it costs 1200 yen for an adult, 800 yen for a student and 600 yen for a child six years old or older.

Children younger than six years old can enter for free. If you book online you can receive a 100 yen discount. Also, residents of Tokorozawa get a 200 yen discount.

One day Autumn family plan

There is so much to do in Tokorozawa. Even before Sakura Town opened the area had a lot of attractions. It is probably best known for the Seibu Leisure park which has an amusement park, snow kingdom, sporting facilites, pools and an indoor ski resort. The latter is due to reopen this Autumn after a year off for renovations. The Seibuen amusement park, however, is closing soon for at least a few months for their own renovations. They are transforming the amusement park in a 60s vibe fairground.

In Sakura town there are several attractions already open and even more to open on November 6th. The anime museum and two new art exhibits will open / start from November 6th. The exhibits are “Yokai Pandemonium” and a Japan first by Ken and Julia Yonetani. The much anticipated and awaited Bookshelf Theater will also open on November 6th. All of these are within the stunning Kadokawa Culture Museum – Kadcul for short!…

Nearby attractions that would make a good stop include the House of Kurosuke, home to a life size Totoro. But unfortunately that is closed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus. The Totoro forests though are open and a nice place for an Autumn hike. Also, the gorgeous Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial park and the aviation museum on its grounds are also open and relatively close to the Acorn Forest. Its a really lovely park for families with a great playground.

Teamlab Acorn Forest Information

Address:Musashino Woods, Higashi Tokorozawa park, 3 Chome-9 Higashitokorozawawada, Tokorozawa, Saitama 359-0023
Phone:The park phone number is +81429989196. No phone number is available for the TeamLab in the park.
Hours:Afternoon session from noon and evening session after dusk. Outlined in detail in the main text above.

Closed on Tuesdays and when there is heavy rain or strong wind.
Cost:From 500 yen. Outlined in detail in the main text above.
Online:Official website

Access by public transport from Higashi Tokorozawa Station. Parking available, but it is charged.

All images from the official website.

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  1. I haven’t visited any of their exhibition, but TeamLab never fails to make their audiences feel awe. They make so many impressive exhibits, and they make places always magical.

    1. Author

      We’ve only been to one so far, but it is so different to anything else we’d ever experienced that was very captivating. I am keen to go to this exhibit, but between Covid and the weather it just hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully soon!

  2. This is so magical and enchanting! How I wish that I can also experience one of their exhibits, sooner or later.

  3. Those are stunning colors! It’s like entering a dream world or a fairy tale land.

    1. Author

      A good distraction from the current surreal times we live in 🙂 Escaping to a fantasy land. Thanks Ivan.

  4. Wow this place looks incredible! You photographs are to die for. It’s a wonderland full of color. I can’t wait to travel again! This will be too of my list for sure

  5. I have seen teamlab videos on youtube and they are so amazing. If I ever get a chance to go to exhibition I would never miss it.

  6. This exhibition looks really fun!! Thank you for sharing an amazing event.

  7. Wow! I’ve never heard of this before but it looks INCREDIBLE!!

  8. Oh wow, the light installations are spectacular! I would love to visit, it looks like a proper fairy tale.

    1. wow it looks amazing and so magical. I love those pictures and those colours are beautiful

  9. Wow – I am in love with this! The fact that it is interactive is so incredible. I am also happy to hear that it’s permanent. That means that maybe I can make it out there to see it one day!

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