Shiraoka Festival

The Shiraoka Festival is on each year in summer. This year will be the 31st occurrence of the festival. It is a local festival supported by local industry and the community.

Shiraoka Festival

It is a festival for citizens, by citizens. It combines both traditional elements such as “Shiraoka Odori” as well as the “Commerce and Industry Festival”. The latter is like a market with food stalls. The festival culminates with fireworks, which are made possible by donations from locals. In 2023 they will have various activities for children. For example, children can dress up in Japan airlines (JAL) unifors or play on trampolines. There will also be work vehicles that children can explore, such as ambulances and fire trucks. In addition, they will also have workshops and live performances. Live performances such as kids dance, hula and traditional yosakoi dance. There will be live music too.


Event: Shiraoka Festival 白岡まつり

Date: Saturday August 26th 2023

Time: from 1.30 pm to 8.45 pm, the fireworks are from around 8 to 8.40 pm

Cost: no admission fee. Individual events may incur charges. For example, the trampoline event will cost between 200 and 500 yen.

Venue: the fireworks are launched from the Sogo Undo Park, but the festival area is around Shiraoka City Hall, 432 Sendano, Shiraoka, Saitama 349-0215. View on Google Maps.


Shiraoka City Hall is about a 15 walk from Shiraoka Station which is on the Tohoku Line. There is parking at the festival if you wish to come by car. There are at least seven official parking lots, for the festival, see them mapped here.

Official webpage on the Shiraoka City website

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