Lions Summer Festival

Until the World Baseball Classic this year, I really had very little interest in baseball. Despite that, since moving to Saitama I have always had a very good impression of Saitama’s Seibu Lions baseball team. Even more so since my kids started school and every now and then they receive free or discounted tickets for games! Furthermore, every few years they get a gift from the Seibu Lions team. Moreover, Belluna Dome, their homeground, is a really nice baseball arena worth visiting if you are in the area. With the Lions Summer Festival you can enter part of the dome for free!

Lions Summer Festival

Among the highlights of this popular festival is Lions Yosakoi, Obon dance, Lions merchandise, food trucks and fireworks. Please note the fireworks are on the Saturday night only. For children, there is a mini train and the excellent playground that is only accessible when Belluna Dome is open. They also have a special beetle event on the two days. In addition, there is an area with festival stalls, such as goldfish scoop and a shooting gallery.

Although, you can enter the dome for free, the free area is quite limited. If you want to sit down and enjoy the entertainment, they recommend you purchase a seating area. Prices start from 800 yen for a regular seat and from 1200 yen for seats for the fireworks.


Approximately 1200 fireworks are launched between 7.30 and 8 pm. Unless there is bad weather, the fireworks will be launched on Saturday night. They will be postponed until Sunday if there are high winds on Saturday. Please note that there are no free seating areas inside the dome to watch the fireworks. You can buy tickets for a reserved seat on Ticket Pia.

>>Right next door, literally a minutes walk, there are giant indoor sliders this summer.


Event: Lions Summer Festival

Date: Saturday August 19th and Sunday the 20th 2023. ※Fireworks on Saturday the 19th only. However, if there is bad weather on the Saturday they will be postponed until Sunday the 20th.

Time: from 10 am to 8 pm. The fireworks are launched at 7.30 pm.

Cost: there is no admission fee to the dome. However, if you want to watch the fireworks and / or stage shows in a reserved seat in the bleachers prices start from 2000 yen, but you get a drink with that. You can choose either a can of Suntory beer or a bottle of green tea. They also have sheets in the Flagship Deck area for four people. The sheet costs 6000 yen to reserve. There is no drink with this ticket.

Venue: Seibu Lions Belluna Dome, 2135 Kamiyamaguchi, Tokorozawa, Saitama 359-1153. View on Google Maps.


The Leo Liner Yamaguchi Line Seibu Kyūjōmae station is right by the dome. Look out for the manhole covers with the Seibu Lions mascots on the short walk from the station to the dome! There is a parking lot at Belluna Dome, but it is used as part of the festival seating area. Therefore you cannot use the parking lot during the festival. Moreover, the management kindly request:

“There are no official parking lots. Please use the public transportation. ​There has been trouble in the past with nearby commercial facilities and local residents due to the actions of some unscrupulous people, such as illegal parking and trespassing. ​Please note that we may not be able to host the event in the future depending on the situation.” In other words, they won’t be able to hold the event in the future if there is more trouble with illegal parking and trespassing.

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All photos were taken by the writer at Belluna Dome and not for re-use without express permission.

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