Saitama Prefecture Flower and Greenery Promotion Center

Plum Blossom Grove in Kawaguchi ~ Despite its closeness to Tokyo and urban feel, Kawaguchi has several greenery and flower centers, including the Saitama Prefecture Flower and Greenery Promotion Center. There are parts of the center that are open all year round, but the plum blossom grove only opens a few weeks in the year. This year its bound to be busier than normal with the loss of the nearby Kawaguchi Green Center grove in 2023.

Saitama Prefecture Flower and Greenery Promotion Center

The Saitama Prefecture Flower and Greenery Promotion Center has over 2,000 types of plants on display, mainly potted plants and ornamental trees, but there are flowers too. The West Garden and East Garden are open all year round. But the plum garden is only open when the plum blossoms are in bloom. Earlier this week the center announced that they will open the plum garden from Wednesday January 24th. Because the early blooming varieties of plum blossoms have already started to bloom.

Kawaguchi Plum Blossom garden tour

During the period of the bloom they always have a plum blossom tour event on one day. In 2024, that will be on Saturday February 17th. It is a free event and anyone can participate, but you have to apply in advance. However, they only accept 24 people. They are currently accepting applications.

Other flowers

Tsubaki at Saitama Prefecture Flower and Greenery Promotion Center in Kawaguchi where the plum blossoms have also started to bloom.
January 2024

You can currently see various varieties of camellia, which the center is pretty well regarded for. They have about 500 species that bloom one after another from winter until spring! Right now they also have wintersweet, which have been in bloom since the end of December. In addition, Shimobasira flowers are also in bloom right now. They have different varieties of cherry blossoms, some which bloom early in March. Later in the year, in July native mountain lilies bloom.


Event: Saitama Prefecture Flower and Greenery Promotion Center Plum Blossom Grove 2024 花と緑の振興センター梅園の開園

Date: from Wednesday January 24th until around early March 2024. The end date will be decided depending on the condition of the flowers.

Time: from 9 am to 4 pm.

Cost: there is no admission fee, but you have to sign in. There is a book in the reception area where you write your name and what time you arrived.

Venue: Saitama Prefecture Flower and Greenery Promotion Center, 花と緑の振興センター, 1015 Angyo, Kawaguchi, Saitama 334-0059. View on Google Maps.


The parking lot is quite small and can get very crowded, particularly in spring. There are only 37 parking spaces, of which two are restricted to people with lower mobility. They ask, where possible, to come by public transport. The center is about a 15 to 20 minute walk from Saitama Rapid Railway’s Tozuka-Angyo Station.

Even more plum blossom locations in Saitama Prefecture.

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