The bell of love! Japan’s 2nd heaviest bell. Tokinosumika

Mt Fuji under the Love Bell

Mt Fuji under the Love Bell

We went to Tokinosumika in Gotemba, Shizuoka, this past Golden Week. To be honest, I love discovering new places, but with 4 young children it is easier just to go somewhere we are familiar with. Tokinosumika never disappoints and each year they have something new there.

Something that is not new and is somewhat of a symbol of the resort is their “Bell of Love”. This year I thought to get a snap of it in the daylight, as I only had old photos taken in the dark. It was a clear day and you could see Mt Fuji under the bell. Bonus! The bell, at 36,170 kilograms, is the 2nd heaviest in Japan and 5th heaviest bell in the world.

There is a quote beside it in English

The bell calls the living
Mourns the Dead
And overpowers the thunder

Mount Fuji echoes
the bell on the morning
of cherry blossoms”

With all the volcanic activity in nearby Hakone,I hope it’s not a forewarning!!

The bell is situated next to the children’s playground, which got an upgrade since we last visited.

For more on Tokinosumika, also known as Gotemba Kogen, please see:
or visit the official website

The Love Bell's message at Tokinosumika

The Love Bell’s message at Tokinosumika

Japanese explanation of the love bell

Japanese explanation of the love bell

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3 comments on “The bell of love! Japan’s 2nd heaviest bell. Tokinosumika

  1. Helen

    Great that there is a playground within reach. Thanks for posting about the bell, anyway. Always good to find out about stuff you wouldn’t learn from reading less personal communications 🙂

    1. Elle Post author

      Thanks Helen. I love finding something unusual to post about, but the problem is I’ve been here too long and often overlook things right under my nose! It took our 6th visit to this resort to realise Mt Fuji under Japan’s 2nd largest bell was a sight to share! 🙂


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