Cool toilets in Japan!

The Irish in me can’t believe I am blogging about toilets. In Ireland, all things toilet are considered crude and crass. I think I may be in Japan too long, where neither the loo nor poo is considered taboo! A typical Japanese public family toilet really is worth showcasing, though, especially in this series of posts about the family friendly utilities (if you’ll pardon the pun) readily available in Japan.

The Family Toilet in Japan

Family bathroom

The above type of family toilet, with a child size loo and an automated regular toilet, complete with heated seat and inbuilt bidet options (I kid you not), is quite common in this area of Japan.  The baby keep my daughter is sitting in is a standard feature of most public toilets built in the last 10 years or so. I live in hope that these will  catch on someday in Europe! They are such a simple idea and so practical. The seat folds up when it’s not in use and it can be used from the time a baby can support their own head.

The below toilet is possibly the best family toilet I have ever encountered. Apart from the automated toilet, infant toilet, baby keep, hand basin and changing bed pictured, there is also an urinal, an ostomate sink, an automated sink, a flip down platform for use in changing clothes (so you don’t have to stand on the floor) , automatic lighting and an emergency button.

Kitamoto Childrens Park Family Toilet

 So you see, family toilets in Japan are cool and really are worth blogging about!

For those in Japan, have you seen any family toilet that could top this? For those outside of Japan, are there baby keeps in your country? Or has anyone ever seen a baby keep anywhere other than Japan?

Over the years I have removed many posts that are not really about Saitama Prefecture as such, like this one, from the blog, but I don’t think I can ever remove this one about the cool toilets in Japan!

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  1. Goodness! A platform for changing your clothing?! Seriously… why can’t everywhere have bathrooms this amazing… I might spend more time in them if they were this cool. 🙂

    1. I am tempted to start a campaign for cleaner toilets everywhere! If one thing from Japan could catch on at home on Ireland, I wish it to be this! Thanks again for inspiring a few family friendly Japan posts. ⭐️

  2. Yes, there are a few places near me (in England) with baby keeps. They are a rarity though. Most public toilets are not as clean as the one in your photo, though!

    1. Good to hear they do exist elsewhere. They are so convenient and practical. Maybe they will start appearing more frequently now that Prince William has visited! He was warmly welcomed, but I think if Kate ever comes there will be crowds. I was watching some footage of Diana’s visits ; she was loved here…she was loved everywhere.

      1. I didn’t know Prince William had visited Japan. I guess he won’t have noticed the baby keeps – but who knows!

        1. Just last week. Yes, the toilets he was using probably didn’t have them, but no doubt they were even cleaner than these!

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